Minutes 16 March 2009


Minutes of Monkton Parish Council Meeting
held on Monday 16 March 2009 at 6.00pm at Monkton Village Hall
Members       Cllr R Tapsell (Chairman)
Present:        Cllr Mrs P Butler, Cllr N Cole, Cllr R Wade, Cllr J Way,
                        Mrs G Anzani (Clerk) and
members of the public – 4
57/08-09        Apologies for Absence. None.
58/08-09        Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda
Cllr Cole declared a personal interest in Item 8 as he has placed a planning application for his own private residence in Monkton.
Cllr Way declared a personal interest in Item 6 as he has made an application for £2000 on behalf of Monkton Village Hall, in his capacity as a member of the Monkton Village Hall Committee.
59/08-09        Minutes of Previous Meeting
Cllr Way requested to alter the minutes.   53/08-09 the word ‘approximately’ was inserted before the written amount £1500 as a correction.
The Minutes of the meeting held on 2 February 2009 were signed and approved as a true record.
60/08-09        Chairman’s Announcements
A)   Official welcome – The Chairman officially welcomed the newly appointed Parish Council Clerk, Gina Anzani.
B)   Electronic submission of agenda – The Chairman reported that he was objecting to the arrangement that only attendees at TDC meetings will receive ‘hard copies’ of  agenda papers and thus all documents received by the Parish Council would be sent electronically. Members were concerned at the additional cost of printing out the papers, the time taken to print out, and that not all Members had laptops. Finally there are also ‘broadband difficulties’ in the more rural areas.
C)   New bus service – The Chairman reported that a new bus service was coming to Monkton, which covers various routes including Westwood Cross.
61/08-09        Report of the Clerk
No matters to report.
62/08-09        Financial Matters
A)   Noted – that cheque no.354 has been withdrawn and cancelled and a new cheque issued.
B)   Monkton Village Hall – Cllr Way disclosed a personal interest and took no part in the discussion or voting. The Chairman proposed that the Council  agree to a financial contribution of £2000 to the Village Hall Committee to assist in the total renovation of the toilet block area.
It was agreed that Mr Jakeman should invoice Monkton Parish Council for the sum of £2000 including VAT which would be claimed back.
The matter was voted on and agreed unanimously.   
C)   Serco quote – the Chairman proposed that the quote received by Serco Maintenance should be accepted. The Councillors agreed unanimously.
Clerk to confirm the quote to Serco by e-mail.
D)   Monkton Newsletter – it was agreed to pay the sum of £110.02 to St. Mary Magdalene Church to cover paper and printing costs.
E)   Clerk’s petty cash – it was noted that a cheque for £100 was issued to Gina Anzani to be used as petty cash. 
63/08-09        Committee Representatives’ Reports
Highways Cllr Wade reported on the East Kent Access Plans but there were no implications for Monkton and therefore no need to respond.                                                                                                                                        
KALC – Nothing to report.
KIACC – Cllr Cole reported two matters.
(i)            A copy of an e-mail sent by Paul Twyman (Chairman of KIACC) to Cllr Kirby which addresses several matters of concern in connection with the Extraordinary Meeting of Thanet District Council which approved significant relaxations in the control of night noise at the airport. 
The concerns include: short notice to put a response together, not allowed to speak at the meeting, inadequate time to read the KIACC paper and the ‘Deed of Variation’ of the s.106 Agreement. Other matters of concern were not receiving relevant MORI poll data. All these flaws added together questions the decision making process and possibly the legality of the decision.
ii) A copy of an e-mail from Matt Clarke (Chief Executive of KIA) stating that British Airways World Cargo will remain at Stansted Airport and would not be transferring to Manston. However, in view of S.106 and being reinstated, he will be kept informed.   
Monkton School – Nothing to report.
Monkton Youth Football Club –  Cllr Wade informed us that he will contact Fran Smith with regard to inviting him to their annual meetings and also ensure they send him copies of their accounts.
Parish Council Forum – Cllr Wade informed the Council he will be attending a meeting on Thursday 19 March 2009.
Parks and Environment – Nothing to report.
Regeneration – Cllr Tapsell reported that he has sent a letter of complaint to TDC about the concerns of receiving agenda papers and documents from them by electronic means only.
Speedwatch/TRRG – Cllr Tapsell reported that funding has been received and spent on various equipment including a speed camera. Local police may be in the vicinity of Monkton monitoring cars as they pass through ensuring the correct speed limit is being adhered to.
Village Hall Committee – Cllr Way reported that plans to knock down and rebuild the Village Hall were put on hold for the foreseeable future due to insufficient funds. Current plans are to completely refurbish the toilet facilities. 
64/08-09        Planning
Progress on new and outstanding applications was noted as follows:
Installation of 15 metre high monopole- TL/TH/09/0141- This is a new planning application for a determination as to whether prior approval is required. 
It was agreed that:
i)             Prior approval was required for this
ii)            Monkton Parish Council have no objections to the monopole being
           erected there.
Clerk to reply promptly.                         
Rosslyn, 124 Monkton Street F/TH/09/0172- This is a new application for the erection of garage to side elevation with conservatory to the rear. The property is owned by Cllr Cole who was invited to outline the proposals of the planning application but left the meeting whilst the application was considered and determined.
It was agreed that MPC were to inform TDC they have no objections to this application.
Land at Molineux Road/Monkton Road- F/TH/09/0045- Variation of Condition 4. This has been rejected.
(The matter of the HGV traffic was discussed. Cllr Cole and Cllr Mrs Butler thought the issue of HGV traffic was to be placed on the agenda but was ultimately decided against as it was thought nothing could be done due to there being no other access into Minster. Monkton School have complained about the way the lorries are travelling through the village during peak school times.)
133 Monkton Street- F/TH/09/0044- Retrospective application for garage. This has been rejected.
134 Monkton Street- F/TH/08/1463- 2nd Storey side extension over existing garage. This has been approved.
Gore Court, Gore Street- F/TH/08/1187- Single storey side extension. This has been approved.
120 Monkton Street– F/TH/07/0335- 2nd Storey extension. This is an error and the address should read 120 Monkton Road and therefore is not relevant to Monkton.
65/08-09        Date and Time of Next Meeting
Monday 18 May 2009 at 6.30pm, Monkton Village Hall.
The meeting closed at 6.55pm.