Agenda 18 May 2009


Meetings to be held on Monday 18 May 2009, Monkton Village Hall, at 6.30 pm.
Meeting open to the floor to receive any questions, comments or suggestions.
1          Apologies for Absence
2          Election of Chairman
3          Election of Vice Chairman     
4          Election of Parish Representatives
5          Declaration of Interest in Items on the Agenda
6          Minutes of the Previous Meeting
            To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 16 March 2009.
7          Chairman’s Announcements
            The Chairman to report as appropriate.
8          Financial Matters
a)    To note and agree receipts and payments as listed.(Appendix A)
b)    To note satisfactory conclusion of 2009 Internal Audit & note Internal Auditor’s report.
c)    To consider and agree any amendments to MPC’s systems of internal audit control.  
d)    To approve the Accounts for year ended 31.03.09.
e)    To approve the Statement of Accounts in the Annual Return for year ended 31.03.09.
f)     To approve the Governance Statement in the Annual Return for year ended 31.03.09.
g)    To note Agency & Precept payments for 2009/10.
9          Monkton Sports Ground
            To consider Serco bill.
10        Highways
            To review current highways issues.
11        Councillors’ Reports
            To consider Councillors’ reports as delegated representatives.
            Current positions are as follows:
            Highways                                            Cllr Wade
            KALC (Thanet)                                    Cllr Cole                                   
            KIACC                                                 Cllr Cole
            Monkton School                                  Cllr Mrs Butler
            Monkton Youth Football Club             Cllr Wade
            Parish Council Forum                         Cllr Mrs Butler
            Parks and Environment                      Cllr Wade
            Planning                                              Cllr Tapsell
                                                                        Cllr Way
            Regeneration                                      Cllr Tapsell
            Speedwatch/TRRG                            Cllr Tapsell
            Village Hall Committee                        Cllr Way
12        Planning
            To note/review new and existing planning applications. (Appendix B)
13        Date & Time of Next Meeting
            Monday 13th July 2009, 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.