Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 18 May 2009


Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday18 May 2009 at 6.30 pm in Monkton Village Hall
PRESENT: Cllrs R Tapsell (Chairman), N Cole (Vice Chairman), P Butler, J Way, J Wade,
G Anzani (Clerk), and 4 parishioners
1.         Councillor R Tapsell welcomed parishioners to the meeting. He opened the floor to the public and asked if anyone had anything to comment on. This is a summary of the points that were raised.
i)  Highways – A complaint was received by a parishioner that there was overgrown foliage outside Walters Hall Farm making it dangerous to walk along the roadside. Cllr Wade to inform Highways. It was recommended that the general public should also contact Highways if they notice a problem.
ii) Highways – Another complaint was received by a parishioner about overgrown foliage.  The location was the wooden fence adjacent to Parsonage Fields. This causes a problem for the ‘walking bus’ school children who congregate there in the morning. Cllr Wade to inform Highways.
2.         Cllr Cole had been asked by Matt Clarke from Manston Airport,  to provide a note of any ‘special buildings’ which were not to be under a flight path. Cllr Cole suggested Monkton and St.Nicholas churches and Reculver. Cllr Cole requested parishioners contact him as soon as possible if they had any other suggestions.
3.         Cllr Tapsell reported information received from ex Cllr T Marsh concerning more recent updates about the Henry Robinson Trust (originally formed some centuries ago to give grants to farm workers’ widows in Monkton etc). It is anticipated that a sum of £40,000 may be available. Full details and conditions yet to be advised.
Meeting closed at 6.50 pm