Minutes 13 July 2009


Minutes of Monkton Parish Council Meeting
held on Monday 13 July 2009 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall
Members       Cllr R Tapsell (Chairman)
Present:        Cllr Mrs P Butler, Cllr N Cole, Cllr J Way,
                        Mrs G Anzani (Clerk) and
members of the public – 3
14/09-10        Apologies for Absence. Roy Wade (Holiday)
15/09-10        Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda. None
16/09-10        Minutes of Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the meeting held on 18 May 2009 were signed and approved as a true record.
17/09-10        Chairman’s Announcements
No matters to report.
18/09-10        Report of the Clerk
It was reported to the Clerk that a street sign, ‘Seamark Road’, was broken. Clerk to report this matter to Highways.
19/09-10        Presentation by Councillors’ Sandy Ezekiel and Roger Latchford
(Leader of Thanet District Council and Deputy Leader respectively)
The Presentation was titled ‘Thanet Open For Business’, and concerned the Regeneration of Thanet.
Cllr Cole recognised there has been a lot of effort put into regeneration. With regard to the airport he confirmed that local residents are supportive of a better airport but with controls in place.
Cllr Cole mentioned concerns about the extra traffic that would be coming into Thanet due to regeneration. Cllr Ezekiel confirmed that the final phase of the East Kent Access Road was 2015.
Cllr Cole questioned whether Arlington House in Margate would be improved. It was confirmed that this was part of the regeneration of Margate and there were also plans for a supermarket below it.
Cllr Mrs Butler questioned the S.106 Agreement concerning Thanet Earth. Cllr Cole supported the discussion and noted there was disappointment for the immediate local community. For example, the local Nature Reserve, although small, is still important to the local community and should have been included.
Cllr Tapsell commented that the Master Plan of the Regeneration of Thanet should reflect true figures. For example, the predicted Airport figures in 2033 should be re-estimated to reflect the current economic climate.
Cllr Cole questioned whether it was known if any Chinese companies had earmarked any of the 11 units that had been outlined in the planning consent at the China Gateway site. The answer was no; only AIGO were moving in to the Summit Aviation Programme building.
Cllr Cole brought it to the attention of Cllrs Ezekiel and Latchford that yellow lines were being placed in Minster High Street without notice or consultation. They responded by explaining this would have been requested by the Emergency Services.
Cllr Ezekiel explained that the potential building of 1,000 homes in the Westwood area was put on hold at the moment. Initially, TDC agreed with the Government to build 5,000 new homes. The Government changed this figure to 7,000. Therefore TDC will be looking throughout Thanet to purchase land to accommodate these new homes.
TDC also have to find 16 plots to accommodate Travellers.
Cllr Mrs Butler enquired of any pressing issues in general that were going to affect the local villages. The only response was problematic parking in Birchington, which was in fact being dealt with by the local businesses.
To conclude, Cllrs’ Ezekiel and Latchford announced there was no extra money from Government and there was a cap on rates and therefore TDC were having the difficult decision about what leisure facilities (swimming pools/ toilets etc) would have to be closed in the future. Cllr Ezekiel reiterated that if there was a pressing project then it should be brought to the attention of TDC now. 
20/09-10        Financial Matters
a) Payments and receipts as listed were noted and agreed.
b) Noted: that completion of a satisfactory Audit was carried out for the period 1.4.08 – 31.03.09.
21/09-10        Committee Representatives’ Reports
Highways     Nothing to report                                                                                                                                        
KAPC             Clerk reported.   There was a TAPC meeting on the 8th June 2009.   Paul Verrall gave a presentation on grounds maintenance/agency matters. The main issue of the meeting was cuts. The cuts are from central Government and obviously as a Parish Council we need to spend monies effectively.      
KIACC Cllr Cole reported. Cllr Cole was not impressed that KCC had the view that if night flights were essential, the local residents would support this. He confirmed the view of local residents, supportive of the airport but controls are needed.
Monkton School     Cllr Mrs Butler reported. On 9th July 2009 there had been an open ‘Tudor Lunch’ to the residents of Monkton which had been poorly attended.
Monkton Youth Football Club Clerk reported. The Clerk had been in contact with the new secretary of MYFC, Sean Cox. He had confirmed that he would arrange some dates for MPC and MYFC to meet up for their annual meeting.
Parish Council Forum Nothing to report.
Parks and Environment Nothing to report.
Regeneration Nothing to report.
Speedwatch/TRRG Cllr Tapsell reported. New Speedwatch signs have been placed in and around the local area.
Village Hall Committee – Cllr Way reported. The frontage of the village hall has been greatly improved by volunteers repainting it. The side of the village hall is due to be painted on 7th August 2009. The site has been successfully cleared to complete the job.
Work on the toilet block is planned to start on the 8th August 2009. The name of the builder is Jakeman and the work is scheduled to be finished within 2-3 weeks.
22/09-10        Monkton Recreation Ground
a) It was noted that there are on-going potential rent charges from TDC. It was agreed to not contact TDC on this matter until March 2010. The reason for this was that an invoice for 2009/10 has not been received. Also, Monkton Parish Council must have an annual meeting with MYFC in order to make an informed decision on the rent matter.
b) It was agreed that Monkton Parish Council would give permission in principle for a Fete to be held in Monkton Recreation Ground. It was noted that Monkton Parish Council would not agree to be involved in the running of a Fete.
23/09-10       Highways
a) Monkton Parish Council agreed the finger sign should be moved and repaired. Monkton Parish Council decided it would be best placed the opposite side of Seamark junction to where it is now. Clerk to organise the work.
b) It was agreed that Monkton Parish Council would arrange to have the Bus Shelter opposite the school repaired. A capped figure of up to £200 was agreed to be spent on the work.
24/09-10        Parish Plan
It was agreed that Monkton Parish Council would support the creation of a Parish Plan. Clerk to advertise in the newsletter with the idea of getting a ‘steering group’ in the village to manage the plans.
25/09-10        Planning
a) The current status on planning applications was noted.
Granted- F/TH/09/0320.  Erection of a two storey side and rear extension together with conservatory, following demolition of existing garage and conservatory.
Current- F/TH/09/0389. Retrospective application for a garage.
b) Cllr Cole to complete the KCC Questionnaire on planning.
26/09-10        Date and Time of Next Meeting
Monday 14 September 2009 at 6.30pm, Monkton Village Hall.
The meeting closed at 8.25pm