Minutes 30 November 2009


 Monkton Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on 30 November 2009 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.
Present:         Councillor N Cole (Chairman); Councillors J Way, R Wade and Mrs P Butler
Clerk:              Mrs G Anzani
Members        6
of the public:
Cllr Tapsell was absent due to illness. Vice Chairman, Councillor Nick Cole, acted as Chairman.
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 14 September 2009 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
42/09-10        ANNOUNCEMENTS
No matters to report.
43/09-10        REPORT OF THE CLERK
Clerk informed the Council that Cllr Mrs P Butler would be donating the village Christmas tree this year. Cllr Cole agreed the tree could be placed in his yard. Terry Marsh to be contacted to assist with the Christmas tree lights.
Clerk was contacted by Mr Jakeman who confirmed he would paint the inside of the bus shelter for the cost of £20.00. All Councillors agreed that Mr Jakeman should go ahead with the work.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     ………………………….
It was brought to the Clerk’s attention that the annual Christmas Light’s
Competition should be organised. All Councillors agreed it should go ahead as usual with a £30.00 prize for the three winning houses. Clerk to organise 3 posters to advertise this event and to advertise on the village website.
Repairs to the fence in Monkton recreation ground need to be carried out.  The Minster Groundsman has agreed to carry out the work on a private basis. Minster Parish Council is unable to undertake this work due to insurance implications. Minster Parish Council confirmed this will be looked into. Any possible further work might be carried out by them in the future once this has been clarified.
Charles Hibberd is the Kent County Council elected member for the Thanet area. Since the elections in June of this year, plans for the next five years are rapidly being written (Five Year Plan).  Important issues he discussed were: 
Highlighting a particularly serious problem in Kent where people in various parts of the country pay rates to their local authority during their working life then decide to retire to Kent and this in turn has an unbalanced financial impact on our local authority. This has been brought to the Government’s attention and they argue that overall everything is balanced out.
He also spoke about ‘localism’ and how more power and money should be passed on to Parish Councils. This could lead to the possible amalgamation of Parish Councils. 
He discussed how the Government were in bigger financial trouble than ever before. There was to be 10 pct budget cuts. This will lead to 700- 800 redundancies in KCC including school teachers, social workers and clerical staff. Cllr Hibberd stated that we cannot destroy services that have taken so long to build up. Monkton maybe affected by reduced bus services.
The East Kent Link Road was mentioned. The road will start at the Prospect Inn and end at the Power Station. The work will finish in 2012. There will be consultation and alterations may be included but Monkton may not have any input as the road does not pass through the Parish of Monkton. There is speculation that there will be more traffic along the top road as a spur off to Westwood that Monkton should be aware of.
He passed on a message from Cllr Sheldrick, Chairman of Thanet District Council, that the fund raising race night at the village hall was an excellent evening.
Finally he pointed out that there was money for grants available. The application for grants begins in April. There are monies available for Monkton Highways. This current year, County Council Grant is £1000, which is yet to be taken up by Monkton Parish Council. Clerk to contact Cllr Hibberd to apply for the grant.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     ………………………….
Cllr Hibberd welcomed questions. Cllr Cole asked about the Five Year Plan. It was to be completed by the summer 2010. Maybe Monkton Parish would be consulted on it. If Monkton Parish Council had any interest in the plan then Cllr Hibberd should be informed as soon as possible. A document on this would be drafted and placed on the internet.
It was asked whether there was a plan available to view the new East Kent Link Rd. Cllr Wade confirmed plans are available at offices of Minster Parish Council.
Trevor Skeltonrepresented ACRK. ACRK support rural communities such as ours with matters like village halls, affordable housing and bus services. ACRK support Villages in completing Parish Plans and discussed whether Monkton may be interested in completing a Parish Plan.
In brief this is where villagers collate information about their village and attach a time line and budget and are then able to produce an action plan. A Parish Plan is not to be carried out by the Parish Council as there is too much work involved, but the Parish Council are encouraged to support the Parish Plan.
Ideally, a few village volunteers come forward to make up a steering group. A questionnaire is produced for the villages to complete. Software is available for the data to be analysed. The final report produces a list of suggested issues and this may be placed on the village website. Also a summary should go to every household. Grants up to £5000 or 50% of the costs should be available to assist with the implementation of a Parish Plan. There could be as much as £15000 available for community projects once a parish plan is completed.  ACRK can assist at all stages.         Clerk to try and organise a steering group.  
                        It was agreed to have a new sign in the village pointing to St. Mary
                        Magdalene Church with 12th century attached also. It was also agreed by the
                        Parish Council that the sign should be attached to the broken finger sign. Cllr
                        Charles Hibberd confirmed there was £2500 available for Highway
improvements in Monkton. Clerk to liaise with Terry Elvey at Highways and Cllr Hibberd in order to push this project forward.
                        On the issue of signs, Cllr Roy Wade suggested a Flash Speed Sign should
be placed on entering Monkton from the Minster end, as motorists tend to speed through Monkton. This is thought to be partly due to the lack of speed limit signs from Minster to Monkton. Clerk to include this in grant application.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     …………………………
47/09-10        FINANCIAL MATTERS
a) Payments and receipts as listed were noted and agreed.
b) The Chairman proposed that the Clerk write a letter to TDC concerning the ongoing dispute about rent charges for the Recreation Ground. The letter was to be the same as previous letters outlining the usual agreement that the rent is to be waived. All Councillors agreed. Clerk to send letter. 
c) Councillor Way questioned whether the laptop computer was insured. Clerk to check with the previous clerk, Mrs. Gardiner.
d) Councillor Wade informed the Parish Council of the availability of Grants for County Members. It was suggested that funds would be useful for the Play Area, the Finger Sign and maintenance of the roundabout. The closing date for applications is the end of the financial year.
KIACC: Cllr Cole reported the last meeting was called off due to insufficient business. There has been a lot of activity at the airport but all within normal daytime hours and therefore the amount of fines issued have been zero. With regard to the ongoing night time flying policy- MPC are not against the development of the airport but local communities must also be protected.
Highways:  Nothing more to add to what had been discussed earlier.
KALC (TAPC): Cllr Wade explained at the last KALC meeting that Paul Verrall addressed all present on the cuts to be expected in the next 5 years on rates. The income and expenditure will be less in real terms and the precept should be increased due to the low agency payments if existing structures are to be maintained.
Also, on the matter of S.106 Agreements, KALC are trying to change the law. An example of how this could affect Monkton was outlined by the development of the 100 houses in Minster.   This development has an impact on Monkton but in law Monkton Parish does not have any rights included in the 106 agreement. KALC are working on this type of development so that all Parishes affected have legal rights, including the ability to be involved in the consultation procedure.  
MYFC: Cllr. Wade confirmed MYFC have been    of the possibility that the Grounds may be transferred from TDC to MPC. MYFC confirmed they would contribute financially if this were to happen.
Monkton Primary School: Cllr Mrs P Butler advised Council of the current disappointment in the village of how 9 village children will not be able to attend their local village school. This is due to KCC guidelines on how siblings of children already attending the school are given preference over children who live locally. It is recognised that outside children have to attend village schools to keep the numbers viable.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     ………………………….
The Parish Council cannot take this issue up; parents should be challenging this directly. Charles Hibberd confirmed he would make enquiries into this. Clerk to liaise with Cllr Hibberd.
Parish Council Forum: Cllr Mrs P Butler has not been advised of any of the meetings for a long period of time. Clerk has given the Council Forum the contact details of Cllr Butler for future meetings.
Speedwatch: PC Darren Reed has a speedgun. He stopped 5 cars outside Mr Luckham’s house on his last visit to Monkton. He is scheduled to do another trip this week.
Village Hall Committee: Cllr Mike Roberts and his wife attended the last village hall fund raiser evening. It was a great success and generally the village hall committee are very positive.
49/09-10        PLANNING
                        The status of outstanding applications was reviewed.
                        F/TH/09/0575   73 Monkton St- erection of 2No. Two storey Dwellings
                        Following demolition of existing.
                        This is a renewal of TH/06/0651 as 3 years have expired. Granted
                        F/TH/09/0585 Thanet Earth, Seamark Road – construction of a wastewater
                        This is essential work. The waste water pipe will go across farmland to the
water pumping station in Minnis Road, Birchington. MPC brought this application to the attention of Birchington Parish. Granted
L/TH/09/0787 80 Monkton St
Application for listed building consent for alterations to bathroom. Current.
L/TH/09/0731 84 Monkton St
Application for alterations for listed building. Current.
There was a complaint by a member of the public about light pollution caused
by Thanet Earth. Clerk to look at the original planning application/
minutes and to liaise with Sheila Bransfield at Acol.
Monday 18 January at 6.30pm, Monkton Village Hall.
The meeting closed at 7.55 pm