Minutes 18 January 2010


 Monkton Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on 18 January 2010 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.
Present:         Councillor N Cole (Chairman); Councillors J Way, R Wade and Mrs P Butler
Clerk:              Mrs G Anzani
Members        8
of the public:
Cllr Tapsell was absent due to illness. Vice Chairman, Councillor Nick Cole, presided as Chairman.
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 30 November 2009 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
54/09-10        ANNOUNCEMENTS
No matters to report.
55/09-10        REPORT OF THE CLERK
No matters to report.
56/09-10        FINANCIAL MATTERS
a) Payments and receipts as listed were noted and agreed.
b) S.137 expenditure for the Christmas Lights Competition was noted. 
£90 was awarded equally between the following winners:
Mr & Mrs Smith 23 Parsonage Fields
Mr N Cole 124 Monkton Street
Mr & Mrs Adams 9 Monkton Manor
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     ………………………..
c) It was agreed to request a Precept of £7300 for 2010/11 based on projected expenditure.
d) It was agreed to request an Agency Payment of £4235 for 2010/11 based on projected expenditure.
e) It was agreed to give to the Clerk a petty cash allowance of £100 for Parish Council business.
                        There has been snow in Monkton which has caused some problems to the Highways. The main route leading from Minster, along Monkton Road and up Willets Hill was gritted by KCC Highways; however minor roads in the village were not. Seamark Close, Millers Lane, Parsonage Fields and the bottom of Willets Hill up to the church were viewed as particularly dangerous as they were very icy. The Highway Agency will only grit principle roads and therefore it was decided that if Highways cannot do the work then the task should be undertaken by the Parish Council. Councillor Wade confirmed that a thorough job should done inorder to avoid being accused of not carrying the work out to a good enough standard, as there are public liability issues.
                        It was decided not to purchase salt bins due to the problem of where to place them. Also the salt is often stolen and the bins get filled with rubbish.
                        Councillor Cole proposed the possibility of purchasing a Spreader. This is a machine that can grit pavements and roads.    It was suggested that the machine be kept somewhere locally, possibly a farm, and salt kept with it. It can then be used as and when required. Councillor Cole will make further enquiries into Spreader machines. A final decision is yet to be made.
Highways: There are limited resources at KCC and cuts may get worse.
KALC (TAPC): Mark Seed was present at the last meeting. The Clerk questioned him about invoices that been received to pay rent for the Recreation Ground. For approximately the last 20 years rent has been waived but TDC are now demanding payment. The matter has been put to Mark Seed.
It was also suggested that all risk assessment procedures be reviewed.
KIACC: Cllr Cole reported they are waiting for Consultations to open on the master plan of the airport. Also, it is known that passenger figures have come down dramatically.
Monkton Primary School: Cllr Mrs P Butler reported that the school remained open during the extreme weather conditions and only 8% of children who lived in rural areas were unable to get to school.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     …………………………
Regarding the notification on placements; 9 children still do not have places but will have to wait until March for a definite answer.
MYFC: Cllr Wade advised MYFC have recently used Minster Recreation Ground.    
Parish Council Forum: Cllr Mrs P Butler will attend the next meeting although it was noted she is still not being kept informed of the dates of the meetings.
Parks and Environment: Nothing to report.
Regeneration: Nothing to report.
Speedwatch: Tony Luckham was invited to speak. PC Darren Reed recently attended Monkton and it was reported 65% of cars were not speeding.
Village Hall Committee: Cllr Mrs P Butler reported that the Village Hall Committee has had a good year. It was noted that the Committee thanked the Parish Council for the financial contribution towards the recent renovation of the toilet facilities.
There are new projects to be undertaken such as a new heating system and relocation of the stage area. There are a few fundraising ideas for these projects.
Monkton Open Gardens will take place on 5-6 June.
A new piano was donated to the Village Hall and it has been well received. Monkton Parish Council would like to record their thanks.
59/09-10        PLANNING
                        The status of outstanding applications was reviewed.
L/TH/09/0787 80 Monkton St
Application for listed building consent for alterations to bathroom.
Granted 15/12/09.
L/TH/09/0731 84 Monkton St
Application for alterations for listed building. Granted 23/11/09.
F/TH/09/0965 Thanet Earth, Seamark Road – Installation of water meter cabin and related 5.1 metre high solar panel mast. Current.
Cllr Cole questioned the current work being undertaken at Gore St. Cllr  Wade declared an interest as the applicant is a neighbour of his. Planning permission had been granted some time before; the building is to be an artist’s studio.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     …………………………
The following dates were agreed for the forthcoming year:
All Mondays at 6.30pm, 15 March 10, 17 May 10 APCM & APM, 12 July 10,
13 September 10, 15 November 10, 17 January 2011.
The meeting closed at 7.15 pm

Signed as a true record