Minutes 15 March 2010


 Monkton Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on 15 March 2010 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.
Present:         Councillor N Cole (Chairman); Councillors J Way and Mrs P Butler.
Clerk:              Mrs G Anzani
Members        7
of the public:
61/09-10          APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
Councillors Robin Tapsell and Roy Wade.
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18 January 2010 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
64/09-10          ANNOUNCEMENTS
Nick Cole reported that Robin Tapsell was undergoing further treatment and remained very positive, everyone wished him well.
65/09-10          REPORT OF THE CLERK
No matters to report.
66/09-10          POLICE REPORT
PC Darren Reed, the Rural Partnership Officer, reported the following information between 1 Jan 2010 up to 14 March 2010.
                        There were 31 calls made from Monkton:
13 related to the Thanet Way, 13 road traffic crashes, 1 automatic registration, 2 poaching/hare coursing, 1 assault, and 1 suicide.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     ………………………..
There were 6 crimes in total:
Vehicle A299 possession of drugs, property stolen by workman, theft at a rented address, assault on a female, and 2 linked crimes at 60 Monkton Street where a vehicle was burnt, this is known to be a domestic dispute linked to that gentleman.
Monkton has the lowest crime rate of the local Parishes including Acol, Minster and Sarre.
The Chairman invited members of the public to ask questions. Tony Luckham expressed his concern that the report of 6 crimes was a sharp increase.
Councillor Pauline Butler expressed concerns of many people in the village about the assault. It was pointed out that possibly people who lived in Monkton should have been more informed about the situation. The idea of placing posters around and maybe a mention in the newsletter about the incident might have been a good idea to keep locals aware and vigilant, but not to mention the person involved directly. However, PC Reed strongly opposed this and explained it was a police matter.
Tony Luckham queried who would take over Speedwatch. Graham Keep from the Police would now be involved in that role, and some more Speedwatch days were requested.
67/09-10          MONKTON PRIMARY SCHOOL
Sarah Munday, a resident of Monkton, was invited to speak by the Chairman. Ms Munday brought to the Council’s attention her concerns that currently 8 children who live in Monkton will not get a place at Monkton Primary School at the start of the school year in September.   There are 15 places available but 14 places had been given to siblings who were not residents of Monkton, which leaves 1 place available. (The numbers quoted have varied). 
The Parish Council were not in a position to comment.
                        Councillor Hibberd (KCC) reported on the following:
He sympathised with Ms Munday regarding her child not obtaining a place at         the local village school. He confirmed that Ms Munday had taken the matter up with the Deputy Cabinet Member, Roger Gale who contacted the Education Officer of East Kent. He suggested Ms Munday could appeal.
Immigrants were reliant on services provided by KCC and that KCC were not prepared to pay. KCC have persuaded the Government that immigrants under 18 should be the Government’s responsibility, which is a cost of 20 million.
Highways had received alot of complaints recently and highway’s costs have reached 2.3 million in this quarter.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     ………………………..
Social care for the elderly is a particular problem for KCC as alot of people retire to Kent. This could be very expensive if allowed to continue.
Traffic from London to Europe and Operation Stack brings problems of cost, public health and how the District Council has to keep the area clean, often for a period of up to 4 days.
The East Kent Link Road is due to be completed by 2012. Consultation can always be arranged while work is being done. For example where the workman live and the method of work.
Councillor Hibberd invited any questions and Councillor Cole asked where the traveller sites would be placed. There is one to be placed at Hersden.
District Councillor Bob Grove reported as follows:
Confirmed his contact details. Phone 821195 and e-mail bobgroveattheattic@tiscali.co.uk. He has a surgery on the 1st Wednesday of the month above the library at 1pm.
He reported on an application to build an incinerator at Sandwich. The application has not been submitted to KCC as yet and this process could take months. Nick Cole responded that this had been refused in the past due to the extra traffic. But Bob said that there was an idea to extend the Port at Ramsgate which would negate this. Nick Cole stated a hearing should be requested at the appropriate time.
69/09-10          COMMUNITY GRANTS
The Clerk reported on the following:
A Community Grant had been approved thanks to the assistance of Councillor Hibberd. This funding would go towards the repair/maintenance of the 9 benches in the Village and to repair the rotten wood at the back of the Village Hall.
                        It is a possibility that the Council may hand over the keys of the Recreation to
                        TDC if forced to pay rent for the Recreation Ground.
71/09-10          FINANCIAL MATTERS
a) Payments and receipts as listed were noted and agreed.
KIACC: Councillor Cole reported there will be a meeting on 13th July 2010 and a public meeting on Friday 10th September.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     …………………………
Matt Clarke, the Chief Executive Officer for KIA, will leave and Tom Wilson is to take on the role.
They are looking at investing in a new radar system. Radar will record the movements of planes; specifically which route they take when they take off and land and fly over the village.
Consultation on the Master Plan about the night time flying policy has still not taken place.
Finally, Cllr Cole reminded all that there are grants to be obtained from the airport if it relates to a worthwhile community project.
Highways: Cllr Cole reported he had looked into gritting machines but the Council should wait until the end of the summer to decide. There is a company which carries out gritting which should be looked into also.
KALC (TAPC):  Nothing to report.
Monkton Primary School: Nothing more to report on what has previously been mentioned in the meeting.
MYFC: The Clerk reported that MYFC AGM was to be held on 28 April.
Parish Council Forum: The next meeting to be held on the 15 April 2010.
Parks and Environment: Nothing to report.
Regeneration: Nothing to report. Clerk to enquire what future dates had been organised for these meetings.
Speedwatch: Nothing more to report on what has previously been mentioned in the meeting.
Village Hall Committee: Gilly Brown from the Village Hall Committee was invited to speak. She reported the Committee had plans to replace the heating system in the village hall and put in a frost system in the toilets. Gilly put the idea forward to Cllr Hibberd that community grant funding for 2010/11 might go towards these projects. He confirmed there are small capital grants for villages available in the next financial year. 
It would not be possible for the Council to donate any funds using S.137. This is due to the current economic climate and the potential rent for the recreation ground that may have to be paid.
Cllr Cole did suggest the Airport Community Fund could be approached.
Cllr Mrs P Butler reported that Monkton Open Gardens will take place on 5-6 June and this would raise funds towards the village hall projects.
73/09-10        PLANNING
                        The status of outstanding applications was reviewed.
F/TH/09/0965 Thanet Earth, Seamark Road.
Installation of water meter cabin and related 5.1 metre high solar panel mast. Granted 02/02/10.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated     …………………………
F/TH/09/0827 Gore Court, Gore Street    
Erection of a single storey side extension. Current.
F/TH/10/0016 Thanet Earth, Seamark Road.
Construction of a wastewater main.  Current.
Monday 17 May 2010 Annual Parish Meeting at 6.30pm followed by the
Annual Parish Council Meeting at 7.00pm.
The meeting closed at 7.32 pm

Signed as a true record ..