Minutes 17 May 2010


Monkton Parish Council
Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 17 May 2010 at 6.39pm at Monkton Village Hall.
Present:         Cllr R Tapsell (Chairman); Councillors R Wade, and J Way.
Clerk:              Mrs G Anzani
Members        8
of the public:
1/10-11            APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
                        Councillors’ Mrs P Butler, N Cole and Bob Grove.
2/10-11            ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN (Cllr Wade in the Chair)
Cllr Tapsell was nominated and seconded, and there being no other nominees, was duly elected as Chairman for the ensuing year.
3/10-11            ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRMAN (Cllr Tapsell in the Chair)
Cllr Cole was nominated and seconded, and there being no other nominees, was duly elected as Vice Chairman for the ensuing year.
Roles were agreed as follows:
Role                                        Representative          Reserve
Highways                                Cllr Wade
KALC (Thanet)                        Cllr Wade                    Clerk
KIACC                                     Cllr Cole                      Cllr Tapsell
Monkton Youth Football Club Cllr Wade                    Cllr Tapsell
Parish Council Forum             Cllr Mrs Butler             Cllr Cole
Parks & Environment             Cllr Wade                    Cllr Tapsell
Planning                                  Cllr Tapsell                  Cllr Way
Regeneration                          Cllr Tapsell                  Cllr Wade
School Governor                    Cllr Mrs Butler
Speedwatch/TRRG                Cllr Tapsell
Village Hall Committee           Cllr Way                      Cllr Mrs Butler
Cllr Roy Wade confirmed that if planning matters at Gore Street were discussed then he declared an interest as he is a neighbour of the applicant. Cllr Wade confirmed he would not be involved in the discussions.
The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 15 March 2010 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
7/10-11            ANNOUNCEMENTS
            Cllr Tapsell thanked everyone for their co-operation during his absence and for all
            the best wishes he received.
8/10-11            REPORT OF THE CLERK
                        No matters to report.
9/10-11            FINANCIAL MATTERS
                        a) Payments and receipts as listed were noted and agreed.
 Cllr Wade moved that the Clerk should have claimed for Easter week and week
 commencing 030510; a total of 16 hours (£142.72- to be claimed next time). 
 This was seconded by Cllr Way.
b)  Noted: completion of a satisfactory Internal Audit was carried out for the period 1.4.09 – 31.03.10 on the basis of which accounts for the year were drawn up and
c)  Agreed: it was agreed amendments to the existing system of internal audit
 control were not necessary as those in place were appropriate and effective.
d)  Agreed: to approve the accounts for the period 1.4.09 – 31.03.10.
e)  Agreed: to approve the Accounting statements in the Annual Return for the year
 ending 31.03.10. These were signed by the Chairman and Clerk.
f)  Agreed: to approve the Annual governance statement in the Annual Return for the year ending 31.03.10. This was then signed by the Chairman and Clerk.
g) Noted: 2010/11 Precept – £7297      Agency Payment – £3670.
                        Sid Morris from Seamark Close was invited to speak by Cllr Tapsell. He brought it
to Council’s attention that he has been experiencing problems with youths behaving in a disruptive way at the Recreation Ground.
The Council suggested Mr Morris contact the Community Warden and PC Darren Reed. Clerk to liaise with Mr Morris/policeIt was also agreed that the Clerk should write a letter to the Superintendent at Margate to bring the matter to his attention. Clerk to organise letter.
It was agreed to adjourn any decision of what to do about the Recreation Ground until the next meeting when all Councillors would be present. It was noted that the Village should not pay rent for the Grounds when it services the whole of Thanet via MYFC.
It was agreed a letter should be sent to Mr Samuel, Chief Executive of TDC, inviting him and the new Leader, Councillor Bayford, to a Public Meeting where the withdrawal of the rent concession could be discussed. In the meantime, it was agreed to submit a cheque to TDC for £375 for the rent on the Recreation Ground; period being 1 April to 30 June 2010. In the letter Mr Samuel should be advised that the rent is being paid as a gesture of goodwill and that Council does not accept the on-going liability. Clerk to organise letter/liaise with Cllr Wade.
                        Cllr Way proposed that Council provide a donation of £30 towards a flower display
                        at the Church for the Open Gardens weekend on the. Cllr Wade seconded
                        this proposal. Clerk to organise payment from petty cash and give to Terry
12/10-11          COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS
Highways:  Cllr Wade reported that there is currently a survey of all drains and dykes in Minster and Monkton. The purpose is to help with potential flooding in the area. The outcome of the reports will be available.
KALC:  Cllr Wade reportedthis meeting was mainly ceremonial and a new Chairman, Cllr Warrow was appointed. Cllr Hibberd attended and he reported that there will be many cuts and they will get worse.
KIACC:  Cllr Tapsell reportedthere are grant funds available.
Monkton Primary School:  Cllr Mrs P Butler was absent but passed on an e-mail she had received from the school. This stated the admissions process is still continuing. 15 children have been offered places; these are 14 siblings and 1 village child. 5 village children are on the waiting list, should any places come available. Two families have appealed for places; these do not take place until June.
MYFC: Cllr Wade reported:
Officers were placed for the coming year. 
MYFC finances are down. 
Roy also reported to them that TDC are withdrawing any rent concession on the Grounds. MYFC are concerned about this and wish to be kept informed.
Parish Council Forum: Cllr Wade reported: Greater power may be given to Parish and
                        Parks and Environment:  Nothing more to report.
Regeneration:  Nothing to report.    
                        Speedwatch/TRRG:  Robin confirmed he is still the Chairman. Volunteers are                             still needed.
                        Village Hall Committee: Cllr Way reported the heating needs to be repaired and
             Robin suggested he speaks to Nick Cole concerning grant funds to be obtained
                        from the airport.
                        Wood has been replaced at the back of the Village Hall but the builder noticed more
                        work would need to done in the future.  
13/10-11          PLANNING
            The status of outstanding applications was reviewed.
F/TH/09/0827 Gore Court, Gore Street     
Erection of a single storey side extension. Withdrawn.
            F/TH/10/0366 Gore Court, Gore Street
            Retention of single storey side extension. Current.
            F/TH/10/0320 15 Parsonage Fields
            Erection of a single storey rear extension. Current.
            F/TH/10/0352 13 Parsonage Fields
            Erection of single storey rear extension with balcony to first floor,
            together with a 2 storey side extension with integral garage following
            demolition of existing garage. Current.
            F/TH/10/0362 Land adj. to Parsonage Oast, Collards Close
            App. for removal of conditions 3,4 and 5 attached to planning permission  F/TH/07/0858, relating to the erection of a detached dwelling. Current.
                        The date of the next meeting has been amended to Monday 19 July 2010 at                                  6.30pm, Monkton Village Hall.                              
                        Meeting closed 7.40 pm