Minutes 19 July 2010


 Monkton Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on 19 July 2010 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.
Present:         Councillor N Cole (Chairman); Councillors J Way and Mrs P Butler.
Clerk:              Mrs G Anzani
Members        12
of the public:
15/10-11          APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
Robin Tapsell and Roy Wade.
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 17 May 2010 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
18/10-11          ANNOUNCEMENTS
It was reported that Robin Tapsell was not well and our thoughts are with him.  
19/10-11          REPORT OF THE CLERK
Clerk reported on a letter dated 15 July from Mark Pearson, Police Inspector from Kent Police. He confirmed the rural policing team will continue to patrol the Recreation Ground and deter any anti social activity. An offender has been dealt with in respect of the damage to the single millennium tree.
The Clerk also confirmed the external audit has now been completed and the audit 2009/10 can be successfully concluded. Clerk to place this item on the next meeting.
(i) Nick Cole invited members of the public to speak. After a general discussion with Councillors it was decided the lease with MYFC needed to be re-examined. MYFC are good tenants but it must be made clear villagers want access to the Grounds/Pavilion. Clerk to contact MYFC and liaise with Councillors.
It was also decided to pursue a meeting with TDC with the intention to come to a formal arrangement for a long term lease with a 5 year rent review. Cllr Roberts confirmed he would work with and support the Council to resolve this. Cllr Roberts also suggested Cllr Grove may assist. Clerk to liaise with Cllr Roberts, Cllr Grove and TDC.
(ii) The Members decided that the demand for rent from TDC should not be paid. Instead the Clerk was instructed to write to TDC and make it clear MPC are in receipt of the invoices; want to discuss this issue and are available to meet at anytime. Clerk to organise a letter.
The Clerk was concerned about the outstanding debt being attached to her address. Therefore Cllr Cole agreed the contactable address should be changed to his whilst this matter is being sorted out. Clerk to inform TDC of this in the letter.
(iii) The current status of the Recreation Ground was noted. The matting needs replacing but this would not be done until the ongoing rent issue is sorted out with TDC. Clerk to contact ROSPA.
            Cllr Mike Roberts introduced himself and reported on the following:
            Airport- there is a new radar mast to be placed at Manston. There has been
            many rejections to this but Cllr Roberts explained it should go through as it            would monitor aircraft movements.
            New East Kent Road Link- there is to be a meeting held at Cliffsend Village            Hall on Thursday 22 July at 7pm to discuss this site. An update on this project
             will be provided. There has been alot of additional traffic through the          villages.          
            Cllr Dennis Neville is very ill and best wishes are sent to him.
            Monkton Nature Reserve- Cllr Roberts will be meeting Allan Willet next year
            and organising a tour around Thanet, including Thanet Earth and Monkton
            Nature Reserve.
            Race Night- Cllr Roberts would be happy to attend another Race Night at the
            Village Hall. The last evening was a great success and Cllr Roberts donated
            the profits to the Monkton Village Hall Committee.  
                        Buckingham Palace- Cllr Roberts and his wife would be attending                                      Buckingham Palace in his capacity as Ward Councillor for the Villages.     
22/10-11          MONKTON NATURE RESERVE
                        Members decided the Grants Officer, Ros Facey, could contact the Council to
                        in connection with approaching Allan Willet for a grant for the Nature Reserve.
23/10-11          FINANCIAL MATTERS
a) Payments and receipts as listed were noted and agreed.
Highways: The drains in Seamark Close had been cleared.
KIACC: Councillor Cole reported there will be a meeting on Tuesday 27th July 2010. Matt Clarke, the Chief Executive Officer for KIA, will leave and Tom Wilson is to take on the role.
KALC (TAPC):   Nothing to report.
Monkton Primary School: Places have been allocated and there is an appeals process for children who live in Monkton who did not receive one. An update to be received once the appeals process has gone through.
MYFC: Nothing to report.
Parish Council Forum: Nothing to report. Clerk to find out the details of the next meeting.
Parks and Environment: Nothing to report.
Regeneration: Nothing to report. Clerk to enquire what future dates had been organised for these meetings.
Speedwatch: Reported that cars have been slowing down when driving through the village. It is thought that cars are slowing down due to the presence of Speedwatch.
Village Hall Committee: Terry Marsh was invited to speak. He reported that there would be a new heating system put in the Village Hall on the 9th August.
    25/10-11    PLANNING
                        It has come to the Council’s attention the Stag Pub is up for sale with
                        planning permission to build 5 small houses. It is possible that the owners of                    the pub maybe seeking new planning permission. The Council were unaware                     of this and Councillor Roberts would look into the matter on our behalf. 
There has been a new application from the owners of Downfast, opposite the pub. Cllr Roberts would look into whether; if planning permission was to go ahead for the pub, what effect this might have on Downfast?
            F/TH/10/0498 71-73 Monkton St
            Application for extension of time planning permission F/TH/04/1646 Erection
            of 10 No. houses with associated access and car parking. Current.
            The status of all other outstanding applications was reviewed.
            F/TH/10/0366 Gore Court, Gore Street
            Retention of single storey side extension. Current.
            F/TH/10/0320 15 Parsonage Fields
            Erection of a single storey rear extension. Granted 04/06/10.
            F/TH/10/0352 13 Parsonage Fields
            Erection of single storey rear extension with balcony to first floor,
            together with a 2 storey side extension with integral garage following
            demolition of existing garage. Granted 06/07/10.
            F/TH/10/0362 Land adj. to Parsonage Oast, Collards Close
            App. for removal of conditions 3,4 and 5 attached to planning permission    F/TH/07/0858, relating to the erection of a detached dwelling.
            MPC sent a letter of objection on 27/05/10.  Granted 08/07/10.
            F/TH/10/0379   5 Collards Close
            Erection of double garage to side following demolition of existing garage.
            Granted 08/07/10.
Monday 13 September 2010 at 6.30pm, Monkton Village Hall.
The meeting closed at 7.55 pm