Minutes 15 November 2010


 Monkton Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on 15 November 2010 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.
Present:         Councillor N Cole (Chairman); Councillors Ms G Brown (co-opted), Mrs P Butler, R Wade and J Way.
Clerk:              Mrs G Anzani
Members        10
of the public:
41/10-11          CO OPTION TO COUNCIL
Members formally agreed to invite Gilly Brown to join the Council. This was a unanimous decision and a resolution was adopted for her co option. 
Gilly gave a small speech thanking the Members and spoke of some of the issues in Monkton to be dealt with. Gilly signed the Declaration of Acceptance.
42/10-11          APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
                        The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13 September 2010 were
                        agreed and signed by the Chairman.
45/10-11          ANNOUNCEMENTS
46/10-11          REPORT OF THE CLERK
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated       Monday 17 January 2011
(i) The current position concerning Monkton Recreation Ground was
      summarised. Gilly is going to concentrate her efforts in this area,
      giving attention to the ongoing rental/lease issues with TDC.
      The upshot was that Gilly would contact KALC and send them a copy of
      the lease and they will give their written legal opinion of the situation
      within 10 days; included would be the commercial use of the lease.
      Cllr Mike Roberts offered his assistance speaking to TDC.
(ii) It was decided to write a letter to TDC and inform them that the rental
      demand for period 01/10/10- 31/12/10 for the Recreation Ground would
      be deferred until advice had been sought. 
      Clerk to organise letter to TDC.
(iii) Nick proposed that the Council try and accommodate Nelson CC in using
       the Recreation Ground as their home venue. This was agreed in
       principle. A meeting with the Council, MYFC and Nelson CC would need
       to be arranged on how to proceed. Clerk to contact Nelson CC.
(iv) It was decided that permission should not be given to MYFC to cut down
       3 trees near the Pavilion. 
       John to meet with MYFC to inform them of the decision, look at the
       trees and investigate further.            
                        (i)   The padlock on the Gate at the end of Monkton St has been cut again.                                Highways and the Police are aware. Darren to organise Police surveillance
                               and will see if there are any spare battery operated cameras at Minster.
                        (ii)   Darren and Kym Burgess reported on the issue of parked vehicles on                                Parsonage Fields’ junction. The Area Traffic Officer has looked at this
                               and there are no offences of obstruction or cars parked illegally. 
                               Darren to speak to the Walking Bus co-ordinators.
                               Members decided they will give thought how to approach this.                                            Suggestions included flyers and approaching neighbours with friendliness
                               and co-operation.
                               Clerk to place the change of police contact number in Newsletter.
                        The police reported there had been 7 calls to the police in October and 5 in                        November. The last crime was on the 22 October when the lead from the                     school roof was stolen. On the 21 September there was an attempted theft of
                        quad bike at Cleve Court. 
                        Local Farms are often hit by crime including hare coursing and theft of diesel
                        at Monkton Court Farm. 
49/10-11          SALT GRITTER
                        It was agreed in principle that a Salt Gritter is purchased. 
SIGNED ………………………..        Dated       Monday 17 January 2011  
                        It was proposed that Highways is contacted first to enquire whether they would                  permit the Parish Council to purchase a salt gritter inorder to grit the side roads                      in the  Village. Other issues to be looked into included whether:
                        The Parish Council would be covered by Highway’s insurance as there are                        health and safety issues and also if it’s possible to obtain salt for our                            purposes from Highways.
                        Enquire whether Highways will pay for contractors/farmers to grit the side
                        Roads in Monkton. Roy to contact Highways and organise.
                        If Highways agree to the Parish Council purchasing a gritter then the practical
                        issues of where it should be stored and filled up need to be looked into.  
                        It was agreed to contact the Minister of Decentralization, Greg Clark MP,
                        urging him to ensure the shortlisted proposals made under this Act are dealt
                        with expeditiously. Clerk to organise.
51/10-11          FINANCIAL MATTERS
a) Payments and receipts as listed were noted and agreed.
Sharon McPherson requested a cheque to be paid for the Village Newsletter after the agenda had been set. This was agreed and signed. (Amount £175.26 chq no: 410)
It was resolved that Gilly Brown should be added to the Bank Mandate. Clerk to organise.
                        b) The Annual Christmas Lights Competition. John Way proposed:
                        1st Prize £45    2nd Prize £35    3rd Prize £25.
                        John offered to judge the lights between 17th-24th December inc and Gilly
                        offered to assist. All agreed.
                        c) It was agreed to purchase a Village Christmas Tree in the region of £120.
                        Permission was granted by Nick and Jonathon Cole to place the tree in
                        Cole’s Yard.
                        (d) It was agreed to purchase some new Christmas Tree Lights for £50. 
a) It was agreed that Gilly would be the Representative on the following Committees: Parks & Environments, MYFC and the alternative for KIACC in Nick’s absence.
b) Reports were received on the following:
Highways: Nick Cole questioned the state of the road between Monkton and Minster. He said he had concerns that the road was dangerous and that there was the potential for someone to lose a life. Cllr Charles Hibberd to look into this.
SIGNED ………………………..        Dated       Monday 17 January 2011          
Gilly mentioned the road at the closed end of Monkton was not cleaned or swept and John has noticed fly tipping there. Roy to contact Highways.
It was noted that the roundabout road markings at the bottom of Willets’ Hill were fading again and the road surface there has heaved and dipped. Roy to contact Highways. 
KALC (TAPC): Roy reported that the Local Authority face cuts of 25-33% on services and staff.
KIACC: Nick reported plans to allow night flights at KIA had been put on hold. The TDC had commissioned an independent review of Infratil’s noise assessment. The review highlighted the need for clarification in a number of areas and so the planned consultation would not take place until clarifications had been made. The Area Cttee does not wish Ramsgate residents to dominate the meeting as had happened in the last meeting. Once the Moray Poll is released, Villages should meet to discuss the implications.
Monkton Primary School: There are currently 105 pupils.
There was alot of recent press coverage on the Scary Costume Party rather than calling it a Halloween one. Lead was stolen from the roof.
MYFC: Nothing to report.
Parish Council Forum: Roy will attend the next meeting on the 1st December.
Parks and Environment: Nothing to report.
Regeneration: Roy reported on speed training. Sheila Bransfield is the new Chairman. 
Speedwatch: John attended a recent meeting and more volunteers are needed. Repeater signs would be useful.
Village Hall Committee: 11 December is the pension dinner.
17 December Fish and Chip Supper with the Hoodeners.
The AGM will be held on 10 January at 7 O’clock and is open to all.
53/10-11        PLANNING
            F/TH/10/0498 71-73 Monkton St
            Application for extension of time planning permission F/TH/04/1646 Erection
            of 10 No. houses with associated access and car parking. Granted.
                        Charles Hibberd reported that the Government have told KCC they have to                        save £7 million pounds. There will be 1500 redundancies but that basic                               services should be safe guarded.
SIGNED ………………………..        Dated       Monday 17 January 2011  
                        The Government have decided that care of the elderly should come under the                   NHS rather than the County Council and that Primary Health Care Trusts will                be shut down over the next 3 years.
The broken Finger Post will be repaired next year. Funding of £5000 is in place now and more will be available in May. There is £1000 left in the
                        Community Grant which could be earmarked for speedwatch, an interactive
                        Sign or a Gritter.
                        Mike Roberts reported there are many cuts due to the current economical              climate. There will be redundancies but looking at natural wastage. He is                     looking at how the Lisbon Treaty affects us. And he is keen to attend the next
                        Race Night at Monkton Village Hall.
                        Nick invited a member of the public to speak. Peter brought several matters of                   concern in the village to the Member’s attention: 
                         Dog fouling, horse fouling, and the overhanging hedge at the Orchard. Clerk
                        to put a notice in the newsletter and also contact the Ling’s about the hedge.
Monday 17 January 2011 at 6.30pm, Monkton Village Hall.
The meeting closed at 8.20 pm

Signed as a true record