Minutes 17 January 2011


 Monkton Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on 17 January 2011 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.
Present                      Parish Councillors Nick Cole (Chairman), Gilly Brown, Pauline     Butler, Roy  Wade and John Way.
In Attendance            District Councillors Mike Roberts, Karen Sullivan, Gina Anzani     (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer), Sean Cox (MYFC Secretary)          and       David Mills (MYFC Chairman).                     
56/10-11          APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
                        It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on                       15 November 2010. These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.
59/10-11          ANNOUNCEMENTS
It was noted that the police had informed the Council a man was in custody for carrying out local assaults.  
60/10-11          REPORT OF THE CLERK
Since the agenda had been despatched 2 invoices had been received from TDC; 1 was a rent demand on the Pavilion for £375 and another was for insurance on the same building for £195.68.
                        The report was read out. Outstanding action points are:
                        1 To clarify with TDC whether commercial activities can be held on the Recreation  Ground. Boot Fairs have been dismissed as this would ruin the pitches.
                        2  Cllr Brown met with David Walton from Nelson CC (NCC) as it had been                       agreed in principle at the last meeting for them to use the RG with MYFC.  David  informed Cllr Brown a cricket green would need to be reinstated which  would  involve some cost and a plan to develop this over 5 years.  The intention is that both Clubs find a way of working together and that they pay                        rent on the RG. If this is successful 2 new User Agreements would need to be agreed and signed. It was resolved that Cllr Brown would meet with MYFC to discuss how they could co-operate with NCC to use the RG jointly. Clerk to attend meetings.   
                        3 It was resolved that Members would sign a new bank mandate after the May elections.
                        4 Member’s thanked Terry Marsh for his help with putting up and taking down the Christmas tree. Clerk to note thanks in the newsletter.
                         Clerk to check whether Darren Reed has liaised with the Walking Bus
                        Coordinators who meet at the junction of Parsonage. With this information
                         Members will decide whether to pursue the issue of parking there.
62/10-11          SNOW SAFETY ISSUES
                        The Clerk’s Report on purchasing a Gritter was read out.  Members discussed this and it was resolved not to purchase a Gritter as it was too problematic.
                        It was resolved to deal with untreated icy roads by following up the proposal of Contractors gritting the roads. This would be done on a trial basis of 1 year. Cllrs Cole, Way and Clerk to organise.
63/10-11          COMMUNITY GRANT
                        Charles Hibberd informed the Council of a £5000 Highway’s Grant currently                       available. The possibility of having an Interactive Speed Sign placed along Willets Hill was discussed. It was resolved that Cllr Wade would look into this and liaise with Charles. 
                        There is a £1000 Community Grant available from KCC which has been brought to the Council’s attention by Charles Hibberd. It was discussed that the gate entrance to the RG is very muddy and slippery needs urgent attention. It was proposed to apply for this Grant to place a hard surface to the entrance. It was resolved that Cllr Brown would apply for the grant to do the work and this application should take priority over any others as the area was in a bad condition. Cllr G Brown/Clerk to liaise and organise.
                        A resident was invited to hand over two grant requests. One for new heating and one for repainting and repairing the playgroup. It was proposed these applications were passed onto the Airport Working Party.
                        The Council signed a lease in 2002 agreeing to pay rent to TDC after a period of 5years. TDC should have offered a rent review in 2007, as agreed in the lease, but failed to do this. Also, when the lease was signed it was thought to be understood that TDC would waiver the rent. However, since 2007 TDC have sent rental demands for a yearly payment of £1500. Mark Seed waivered the rent in 2007/08 and since that time the Council has persistently approached TDC to have the rent reviewed /waivered. Rent has not been paid on the RG for approximately 20 years. After seeking legal advice from KALC and researching all the correspondence Cllr Brown proposed the Council should now agree to pay the rent. Cllrs Brown & Wade have liaised with Mark Seed to gradually introduce the rent. The plan is to ‘wipe the slate clean’ for any back dated rental demands and from 2011/12 pay £500 in the first year, £1000 in the second year and £1500 in the third. Cllr Brown will meet with MYFC and NCC with the view to them potentially paying the rent. MYFC to pay the rent from 2011/12. Cllr Roberts is assisting the Council by negotiating a low rental with TDC.  Concerns about the possibility that TDC may not send an agency payment for the upkeep in the future were highlighted. Members resolved to accept the above.
Sean Cox and David Mills (MYFC) were invited to speak. Sean explained the great facilities offered by the club. They have grown in size, now with 200 children signed up. MYFC are open to possibly paying the rent but had concerns about how much the rent could potentially be.
It was proposed that if MYFC and NCC both use the RG, they could split the rent. There were potential funding opportunities for both clubs if they worked together. MYFC mentioned an ‘all weather’ facility on a couple of occasions. Cllr Brown flagged up the potential increase in costs to the RG in the future of possible rate demands and the burden of mowing the grass and maintenance. It was agreed the finer details needed to be discussed in a smaller group. It was resolved that Cllr Brown would organise a meeting.
65/10-11        MONKTON SURGERY
 Members discussed a Council Surgery. The idea is residents bring problems/issues to Councillors here. The Clerk and at least 1 Councillor could be based at the Village Hall for say 2 hours per month at a set time. Members resolved to trial the project.
It was proposed to trial a system that when Members have an issue up for comment/discussion, this should be sent to the Clerk who will put all matters out on 1 report. The idea is to cut down on e-mail traffic. Members resolved to trial this.
67/10-11          FINANCIAL MATTERS
                        Cllr Cole proposed not to accept the Chairman’s Allowance. The Member’s did not agree. Cllr Cole suggested Members should be able to claim petrol allowance when dealing with Council business. This to be looked into. Cllr Wade informed Council claimable petrol mileage is 40p per mile.
                        a) Receipts and payments as listed were noted and agreed.
                        b) The Agency and Precept Budget was agreed.
                        c) Agreed the Parish Funds could be invested more effectively. To be                               discussed with the bank when Members sign a new mandate after the elections.
                        Reports were received on the following:
Highways: Nothing more to add than previously discussed.
KALC (TAPC): Members were advised that with regard to the Airport and future night flights the renegotiation of the 106 agreement was still proposed and that TDC had engaged MORI to undertake a poll and it was hoped that its findings would be published in the New Year.
KIACC: Nick reported there was disappointment in reports that fires and quotas are 50pct at Monkton’s end of the runway compared to Ramsgate.
Monkton Primary School: There are various fund raising activities being organised.
MYFC:  Sufficiently discussed earlier.
                        Parish Council Forum: New date is now 8 February.
Parks and Environment: The entrance to the Grounds is now in hand. This work is viewed as urgent. Cllr Way  to organise some quotes for the work. Checks are needed to the Play Area but still await a ROSPA report.
Planning: No.
Regeneration: No.
Speedwatch: As proposed previously; the purchase of a speedgun should be looked into. Quotes are needed and funding from the Community Highways Project available. Roy offered assistance.
Village Hall Committee: Village Hall in a reasonable financial position and have had alot of lettings. There are fund raising activities in the pipeline. A Race Night planned for 12 February and Mike Roberts will donate a Champagne prize.
                Mike reported the new Chief Executive of TDC would be Sue McGonigal.  There would be a gradual handover from Richard Samuel and this would not affect the Villages too much.
70/10-11        PLANNING
            There are currently no new or existing planning applications.

                        Elections will be held on the 5th May 2011.
                        The next meeting is on Monday 21 March 2011 at 6.30pm, in the Village Hall.
 Future dates are: 16 May (The Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Parish  Council Meeting)27 June, 12 September, 14 November, (16 January    2012) all at 6.30pm.   
The meeting closed at 8.20pm.