Minutes 21 March 2011


Monkton Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on 21 March 2011 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.
Present            Parish Councillors   Nick Cole (Chairman), Gilly Brown, Pauline Butler, and                                                            John Way (Vice Chairman).
In Attendance District Councillors  Gina Anzani (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer),
                                                             David Mills (MYFC Chairman), Sean Cox (MYFC secretary) and                                          David Walton (Nelson Cricket Club).
72/10-11          APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
                        Councillors Mike Roberts, Karen Sullivan, and Roy Wade.
                        It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 17 January                             2011. These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.
75/10-11          ANNOUNCEMENTS
76/10-11          REPORT OF THE CLERK
                        1 The Clerk attended a Working With Your Council Course. It is a 2 day course (9 & 30                          March), held in Maidstone and the Clerk found the first day very useful and informative. 
                        2 The Clerk and Gilly met with MYFC to discuss how they could co-operate with NCC to use                   the Recreation Ground jointly. The issue of paying rent was also discussed. 
                        3 To report that an individual was caught breaking into the Pavilion. They were arrested,                           detained, charged and went to Court.    Crime ref no: EY 1833/11.- approx cost damaged                         £150. MYFC informed.
                        4  Members are reminded they need to go to the bank and sign a new mandate after the                           May elections. Clerk will liaise with Cllr’s when would be the best time.
SIGNED         …………………………….       Dated       Monday 16 May 2011   
                        5 Members thanked Terry Marsh for his help with putting up and taking down the Christmas                    tree. Clerk noted thanks in the newsletter.
                         6 Clerk to check whether Darren Reed has liaised with the Walking Bus who meet at the                         junction of Parsonage. With this information Members will decide whether to pursue the                          issue of parking there.
                        7 Finger Sign update. C Hibberd sent the Clerk an email on 20 Jan stating he tried to obtain                    a cast iron replacement, but very few foundries produce these now and the prices are                              horrendous. KHS have informed him an aluminium sign could be produced for approx                             £1000 and could be painted to look exactly like the original article. He has paperwork for               completion and would like to know if         Members have any views before he authorised the                           purchase.
                        The Clerk informed back again that Members wanted the original FS repaired and moved-                        as it could be unpopular with the residents to lose the sign. Derek Smith, a local resident,                        has phoned the Clerk and said he can weld the FS as he did 3 years ago. But the problem                 is, this has broken off since- and there are safety issues. The FS was likely to have been                   damaged by a lorry as it is situated very close to the road. C Hibberd still looking into this.
                        8 FGS Gritting Contractors. Clerk has written to FGS setting out finer details of the work                         and how it should be implemented for 2011/12. It was agreed for a 1 year trial basis at the                       previous meeting.
                        Roads to be gritted include: Seamark Close, Parsonage Fields and the main Monkton from                      the mini roundabout up to the church.
                        9 Cllr’s to hold a Monkton Surgery where residents bring problems/issues. The Clerk and 1                    or more Cllr to be based at the Village Hall for 2 hours month. To commence  ASAP.
                        a)  Members were updated on progress with grant applications and improving the entrance                      to the Recreation Ground. Members resolved to repair the car park area rather than just the                    entrance as originally planned subject to grants of at least 50% or more being obtained. Cllr                     Brown/Clerk to liaise and pursue further grant applications.
                        b) Quotes to complete the work were provided and Members resolved to have a                                      professional job done and the cost would be in the region of £4000. Cllr’s Brown/Way &                        the Clerk to liaise and implement the work once grants are approved.
                        c) The Council received a request from a resident to have some leylandi cut which are                            growing in the Recreation Ground and border her garden. The trees are some 60 ft tall and                     cause alot of shade. An initial quote for the work from Broadleys was provided at a cost in                        the region of £1000 plus VAT. It is 3 days work and they take the wood away.  Mrs May was               invited to speak. She has lived at the property for 10 years.  Members resolved that there                was an important cost issue involved and they would liaise with MYFC. Clerk to follow up.        
78/10-11          INTERACTIVE SIGN
                        Cllr Roy Wade could not report on an interactive sign for the village due to illness and the                         item will be deferred for the next meeting.
79/10-11          RADAR GUN
                         It was proposed a ‘Police approved’ Radar Gun is purchased to assist the Speedwatch                           volunteers in the village. Members resolved to purchase at a cost of up to £350. Cllr                                Way/Clerk to liaise with Pete Mitchell and Tony Luckham to organise the purchase.                         
                        Parish Councils have been asked to raise awareness at meetings. Date is 18 July- 7                               August. 
SIGNED ………………………..        Dated       Monday 16 May 2011  
                        All walking groups should submit an interest on Guidedwalks01@kent.gov.uk and                          they will receive information packs. Councils will receive marketing material. Clerk has                                  informed the editor of Monkton News for inclusion in the April edition.
81/10-11          FINANCIAL MATTERS
a) Members resolved to accept the payments and receipts listed. These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.
                        b) Members resolved to accept the following:
                        HMRC has just released new guidance on the employment status of Town and Parish                              Clerks and Responsible Financial Officers. Guidance clearly states that clerks who at                             present are self employed cannot continue in this way after 6th April 2011. Monkton Parish                      Council must register as an employer and deduct PAYE and NIC. All returns must be done                    online and payments made electronically. This guidance supersedes the general advice on                    the on the HMRC website and the information in the Practitioner’s Guide concerning PAYE &                         NIC.
                        Some Councils or clerks previously had an agreement with the HMRC whereby the                                  clerk has been either paid gross or treated as self employed. This cannot continue and the                     Councils must register under PAYE with the HMRC before their first pay day of the new                           financial year. Each Council is a separate employer and must register and obtain its own                        PAYE reference. KMRC will expect an annual return from every Parish Council even if the                     Clerk’s pay is below the threshold for PAYE & NIC. Clerk to organise.
                        Members resolved to participate in the Fields Trust’s project which is led by Prince William to                         mark the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics by suggesting the Recreation is put forward. The          aim is to protect outdoor recreational sites to benefit communities. By including the     Recreation Ground, this would permanently secure it for recreation use and inclusion is also          an excellent basis for grant applications. The application would require written permission             from TDC as they are the landowners. Cllr G Brown/Clerk to liaise and organise.
Reports were received on the following:
                        Highways: Cllr Roy Wade apologies received.
KALC (TAPC): Nothing to report.
KIACC: Cllr Nick Cole reported the next meeting was on the 12 April 2011 at 2pm. 
Monkton Primary School: Cllr P Butler reported that there were to be some major changes in education coming up but she was not at liberty to speak of this yet.
MYFC: Nothing to report.
                        Parish Council Forum: Cllr P Butler reported on a meeting of 8 February2011. There are
                        to be many changes at TDC including: Mr Samuels leaving, changes within financial
                        services and implementing the process of centralizing services was imminent.
                        Parks and Environment: Clerk has requested another ROSPA report for the play area at
                        the Recreation Ground. Cllr Brown has also checked the area and flagged up the matting
                        as still needing attention.
Planning:  F/TH/11/0166 White Stag and Land Rear of 70 Monkton St.
                   Application for extension of time of planning permission F/TH/07/1289, for erection of a single-                                     storey 16 no. bedroom Hotel together with associated parking and access.
SIGNED ………………………..        Dated       Monday 16 May 2011  
                        Cllr Way reported and emphasised that the planning application was for an extension of time                   only.   Cllr Way has liaised at length with Rosemary Bullivant at TDC planning and also Cllr                      Mike Roberts. Therefore the Parish Council had no objections to the above proposal                                provided the planning permission was conditional on Les Ray, who has successfully applied                    for planning permission to build houses on the land opposite (Downfast Demolition),                                      decreases his roadside building line so as to give vehicles exiting the White Stag room to                   have a clear view line of sight in either direction.
Regeneration: Cllr Roy Wade apologies received.   
Speedwatch: Nothing more to report.
Village Hall Committee: Mrs Mitchell was invited to speak. There are a few repairs needed at the back of the village hall. There will be a Tea Dance in June. Someone has fired a pellet hole through one of the windows and a person was attempted to break into the Village Hall via the back room door. An application for a grant for £6000 has been approved and the Village Hall Committee is looking to purchase a new oven.
                        Mike Roberts sent his apologies but in his absence Cllr Brown proposed to keep the existing                    Recreation Ground lease as it is until a definitive answer on the rental situation was provided                    by TDC. Cllr Roberts and Brown are negotiating with TDC to implement a gradual rental                  increase each year of £500, £1000 and £1500. Members resolved to agree.
 85/10-11          PUBLIC QUESTION TIME
                        Members of the public were invited to speak.
                        There were some planning questions and Members advised residents to contact TDC                              planning.
                        A resident complained of the litter in the village particularly at the top of Millers Lane, along                        Willets Hill and the Orchard. Clerk to investigate the possibility of purchasing                                    additional litter bins.
86/10-11          THE MEETING WAS CLOSED
                        The meeting was then closed to have an open and confidential discussion with Members,                        Nelson CC and MYFC on how the two Clubs might jointly use the Recreation Ground.      
                        16 May 2011 (Annual Parish Meeting to be followed by Annual Parish Council Meeting),
                        27 June 2011, 12 Sept 2011, 14 Nov 2011 & 16 Jan (2012). 
                        All held in the Village Hall at 6.30pm.
                        The meeting closed at  7.20pm.
Signed as a true record ………………          Dated   Monday 16 May 2011