Draft unsigned minutes 16 May 2011

  Monkton Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on 16 May 2011 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.

Present Parish Councillors John Way (Chairman), Nick Cole (Vice Chairman), Gilly Brown, and Tony Davies.

In Attendance Cllr Charles Hibberd and Gina Anzani (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer).


Cllr J Way was nominated and seconded, and there being no other nominees, was duly elected as Chairman for the ensuing year. Chairman signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Chairman.


Cllr Nick Cole was nominated and seconded and was duly elected as Vice Chairman for the ensuing year.


The following names were noted:
Gilly Brown 168 Monkton St, Monkton (Declaration of Acceptance signed 10 May. Register of Members Personal Interest form sent to TDC).
Nick Cole 124 Monkton St, Monkton (Declaration of Acceptance signed before the meeting began).
Anthony Davies 8 Parsonage Fields, Monkton (Declaration of Acceptance signed 16 May 2011).
Dave Spillet 12 Monkton Manor, Monkton (Declaration of Acceptance not signed to be
signed at the next Council meeting or before.)
John Way 10 Monkton Manor, Monkton (Declaration of Acceptance signed 10 May 2011.
Register Of Members Personal Interest Form sent to TDC)


Dave Spillet on holiday.


SIGNED ……………………………. Dated Monday 27 June 2011



New positions were resolved as follows:
Highways Cllr Tony Davies
KALC Cllr Dave Spillet/Clerk
KIACC Cllr Nick Cole/Cllr Gilly Brown
Monkton School Cllr Tony Davies
MYFC Cllr Gilly Brown/Cllr John Way
Parish Council Forum Cllr Dave Spillet
Parks & Environment Cllr Gilly Brown
Planning Cllr John Way/Cllr Gilly Brown
Speedwatch Cllr John Way
Thanet Rural Regeneration Cllr Dave Spillet
Village Hall Cttee Cllr John Way/Cllr Tony Davies

Clerk to investigate 2 new Committees Flood Environment and Thanet Conservation Watch.


It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on 21 March 2011
and 5 April 2011. These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.



13/11-12 FINANCIAL

a) Members resolved to approve the schedule of payments. Two Councillors
signed the cheques.
Cheques £
000425 Onsitetools Ltd – Radar Gun- Cheque Void 212.40
000426 Steve Dunn – Payt for benches and bus shelter maintenance 425.00
000427 KALC- 2 Good Cllr Guides 2.00
000428 HMRC – SLCC Membership 95.00
000429 KALC – Subscription 229.94
000430 Gina Anzani (petty cash) 100.00
000431 Action with Communities in Rural Kent 35.00
000432 Gina Anzani (wages and internet and petrol) 731.06
000433 Arthur King (internal auditor) 140.00



SIGNED ……………………………. Dated Monday 27 June 2011

b) Members resolved to approve the detailed draft Financial Statement for the year ending 31 March 2011.
c) Members resolved to adopt the Financial Regulations as required by the Accounts and Audit Regulations 1993. To be reviewed annually.
d) Members resolved to adopt the Risk Management Statement 2011/12. Members agreed the Risk Statement should be constantly reviewed along with how high the risk is.
Also the following amendments should be noted.
1.b.3 Monthly inspection and report carried out by a Professional or trained Councillor (not Gilly Brown).
1.b.4 Monthly inspection report completed by a Professional or trained Councillor and presented to Council for any necessary remedial action.(not Gilly Brown).
e) Members resolved to adopt and sign the Statement of Intent on Internal Control for the year 2011/12 which included a statutory requirement to review the effectiveness of the internal audit. These were signed by the Chairman, Responsible Financial Officer and the Internal Auditor.
f) Members resolved to approve the Accounting Statements for the Annual Return for year ended 31 March 2011.
g) Members formally resolved to approve the Audit Commission’s Statutory Annual Return and Governance Statement for year ended 31 March 2011.
h) Members noted the Agency & Precept payments for 2011/12:
(i) Agency- £3670.00 (ii) Precept-£7257.00
i) Members noted the statutory notice advertising elector’s rights to inspect the Accounts was posted on the notice board outside the Village Hall on the 6 May 2011.


i) The Village School is run by KCC and is a good school. There are not enough children in Monkton to fill the school and the school relies on pupils from other areas as well as Monkton.
ii) Charles is no longer the Chairman of Highways. He did report that Highway’s current programme of pothole repairs will run up to March 2012.
iii) Charles will now be part of the Flood Prevention Authority. Minster Parish Council are seriously concerned about flooding in the local area. Charles is now also part of the In Shore Fishing Authority; the Head Quarters of which are in Ramsgate.
iv) KCC is responsible for waste disposal. District collects the rubbish. Planning permission for a new plant was granted on the 10 May 2011 in Richborough. It will be ready in 18 months.
Cllr Nick Cole questioned why wasn’t the Parish Council told about the Planning Application? Other questions included: Is it incineration?, Is it really a ‘Green’ issue if alot
the rubbish is coming from Essex?
Charles replied that the products of combustion need to be agreed. There is a condition in the planning permission that the application won’t come into effect until the Environment Agency has given consent.
Cllr Nick Cole reinforced the point that the decision is in KCC’s hands. KCC are under an obligation to meet targets and are not bothered by local people’s views.
Charles confirmed the waste would come from Canterbury, Thanet and Dover and not Essex.
v) Cllr Tony Davies questioned Charles about when would the road markings for the newly repaired roundabout be painted. Charles said he would advise Tony after the meeting.
vi) The Finger Sign. KCC are recommending no cast iron signs are to be put on the Highway as they become brittle in cold weather and crack. Charles has offered a replica sign made of aluminium. Ideally, Members wish to move the current sign and have it repaired. The Clerk will send a letter to Charles once the Members have had a look at the aluminium sign at the crossroads in Minster.

SIGNED ……………………………. Dated Monday 27 June 2011
vii) Cllr Gilly Brown questioned Charles about KCC’s policy of siblings outside the village
taking priority of school places over local children. Charles answered that this had been discussed but that the policy was still that the family would be kept together before any
other consideration but that this should be reviewed.


1 It was resolved at the meeting on 21 March 2011 to purchase a ‘Police approved’ Radar Gun to assist the Speedwatch volunteers in the village at a cost of up to £350. This was ordered at a cost of £212.40 (inc VAT) but the Radar Gun was sent back as the Police are recommending these radar guns are not used by volunteers as they are possibly ‘provocative’.

2 Interactive sign was postponed from the agenda. But Charles Hibberd said it might be possible to have repeater signs in place. ie/ white lining 30 mph circled- SLOW DOWN- painted in the road. Clerk to request this between Minster and Monkton and place on agenda for next meeting.

3 Cllr G Brown applied for a £1000 Community Grant from Charles Hibberd and this was accepted. The Grant is to be used for improving the entrance to the Recreation Ground which includes repairing the car park area. See agenda item 16/11-12 v).

4 Members were reminded a new bank mandate needs organising. 3 Cllr’s are to be signatories and there should be 2 non-signatories. Clerk to contact the bank and then liaise with Cllr’s when to sign the mandate.

5 Clerk has liaised with the Walking Bus Team via Cllr Tony Davies, and the large Vehicles which often park at the junction of Parsonage Fields are not a hindrance to them. Therefore it was agreed that no more action is necessary on this matter.

6 Finger Sign update. Clerk wrote to Charles Hibberd on 10 May to follow this up. Finger sign discussed earlier. Agenda item 14/11-12.

7 FGS Gritting Contractors. Cllr J Way met with FGS on 20 April. The areas agreed to be treated are:
Monkton St- from the small roundabout up to the Church.
Parsonage Fields- entire cul-de-sac.
Vicarage Gdns- only the first tarmacked area is owned by Highways.
Seamark Close- entire cul-de-sac.

The gritting includes footpaths and they are fully insured. The cost is £120 per visit. FGS have recommended a call out system to avoid unnecessary costs. Cllr’s Nick Cole/John Way will text FGS when necessary. If there is heavy snow then a snow plough can be hired for the cost of £40p/hr. Clerk awaits contract (chased up on 10 May).

8 The Fields Trust’s project – see agenda item 16/11-12 iii).

9 Cllr’s will begin the Parish Council ‘Surgery’ on the first Wednesday in July. Residents can bring any problems/issues to the Council. The Clerk and 1 or more Cllr to be based at the Village Hall for 2 hours on the 1st Wed of every month from 5-7pm. Clerk to advertise in June’s newsletter and check Village Hall is available.
10 Council received a request from a resident to have some leylandi cut which are growing in the Recreation Ground and border her garden. The trees are some 60 ft tall and cause alot of shade. An initial quote for the work from Broadleys was provided at a cost in the region of £1000 plus VAT. It is 3 days work and they take the wood away. Mrs May was invited to speak. She has lived at the property for 10 years. Members resolved that there was an important cost issue involved and they would liaise with MYFC. Clerk liaised with MYFC and they cannot help us. Clerk contacted TDC to enquire whether they would cut the trees. Clerk to follow this up.

SIGNED ……………………………. Dated Monday 27 June 2011

11 Serco were contacted as the upper bank between Millers Lane and Parsonage Fields had not been cut for a while. A request for weed killer to be treated to that area was also made. Serco have not increased their prices this year.

12 HMRC released new guidance on the employment status of Town and Parish Clerks and Responsible Financial Officers. Clerks who at present are self employed cannot continue in this way after 6th April 2011. Monkton Parish Council must register as an employer and deduct PAYE and NIC. All returns must be done online and payments made electronically. This guidance supersedes the general advice on the on the HMRC website and the information in the Practitioner’s Guide concerning PAYE & NIC.
Some Councils or clerks previously had an agreement with the HMRC whereby the clerk has been either paid gross or treated as self employed. This cannot continue and the Councils must register under PAYE with the HMRC before their first pay day of the new financial year. Each Council is a separate employer and must register and obtain its own PAYE reference. KMRC will expect an annual return from every Parish Council even if the Clerk’s pay is below the threshold for PAYE & NIC. Clerk to meet with Arthur King next week to ensure all has been set up correctly.


a) Members received an updated report on the Recreation Ground from Gilly Brown.

i) Nick Cole has been liaising with Brian White who is the Director of Regeneration at TDC. Brian White is leaving by the end of the week but before he leaves office he has confirmed all back rent on the Recreation Ground will be cancelled. He will also look at a 25 year lease with a peppercorn rent for Monkton and all Parish Councils, especially those interested in acquiring the Grounds as an asset.
ii) If Brian White is unable to help MPC, Gilly Brown proposes an incremental rent of £500 in year 2011-12, £1000 in year 2012-13 and £1500 in year 2013-14 and thereafter. This was agreed by Members.
iii) Members resolved to participate in the Fields Trust’s project which is led by Prince William to mark the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics by suggesting the Recreation is put forward. The aim is to protect outdoor recreational sites to benefit communities. By including the Recreation Ground, this would permanently secure it for recreation use and inclusion is also an excellent basis for grant applications. The application would require written permission from TDC as they are the landowners. Gilly completed the application and the Clerk was informed the application has been received on 16 May 2010 this. Gilly is dealing with this application.
iv) The play area ROSPA report has been chased up by the Clerk again. Clerk to chase up ROSPA report with TDC.
v) Cllr G Brown applied for a £1000 Community Grant from Charles Hibberd and this was granted and the funds have been received. The Grant is to be used for improving the entrance to the Recreation Ground which includes repairing the car park area. It was resolved that the work would be completed subject to grants of at least 50% or more being obtained. Cllr Gilly Brown received a quote from MYFC to do the work for £1930 + £336 VAT = £2266. That being the case the Members resolved to accept this quote and for the work to be carried out. The quote from MYFC was the most favourable. Clerk/Gilly to liaise on the progress of the work.
Charles Hibberd said there was a new Local Community Grant of £1000 now available. It was suggested this may be used for the Play Area. Gilly to liaise with Charles about the new grant.

b) Members resolved not to pay the rent invoice from TDC for £375 for the period 1.4.2011 – 30.6.2011.

SIGNED ……………………………. Dated Monday 27 June 2011

Members resolved not to purchase ‘The Revised 1st Edition of Standing Orders’- cost £25 as the Clerk has acquired some at no cost.


Members resolved not to attend this yearly conference held in London on 22 September.


Members resolved Armed Forces Day should be recognised by ‘flying a flag’ in our community. The official date is Saturday 25 June 2011 and to show support the flag must be displayed for 1 week prior to this date. Clerk to organise.


Members received reports from representatives on:

Highways Road surface near the roundabout which had cracked has now been repaired. Mini roundabout Road Markings need repainting.

KAPC (Thanet) No report.

KIACC Cllr Nick Cole reported the Airport meeting was postponed. Labour has a ‘no night flight’ policy. Will report further at the next meeting.

Monkton School No report.

Monkton Youth Football Club Cllr Gilly Brown reported she had a meeting with MYFC on the 21
April. MYFC have agreed to pay £1500 rent per year to the Parish Council for using the Grounds. Members are still waiting to hear from TDC on the rent situation. Clerk/Gilly to work on a new Users Agrement with MYFC and assistance from KALC.

MYFC were pleased about the outcome with Nelson.

MYFC addressed the following issues that concerned Members:
Speeding- they have written to their members to drive slowly, they queried whether they could have a speed restriction sign half way down the track. Gilly informed them the land does not belong to the Parish Council. One of the parents is a Highway’s Officer and will look into that. The alarm that kept going off has been repaired. The lights that were left on was in error.

They also have requested a MYFC sign to be attached to the concrete lamp post and Gilly advised them to contact Highways.

They have confirmed they will start resending Council their minutes. There will be a presentation on 21 May at the Pavilion. This will be an open session, with a bar, and all are welcome.


SIGNED ……………………….. Dated Monday 27 June 2011

Parking is a big problem for MYFC and cars often overspill into Monkton St at busy times. They have requested to extend the parking near the Pavilion. Members are reluctant to have any trees cut. Mrs Mitchell was invited to speak. 7 trees were planted by the Fuller family as memorial trees. Members agreed to have a meeting and see the trees and to consider the carparking.

MYFC will give notice when they will commence work on the car park, between June and the end of July.

Cllr Tony Davies was invited to speak. He has been approached by local residents about setting up a local village cricket club. Cllr Tony Davies to organise a proposal for the next meeting.

Parish Council Forum No report.

Parks and Environment No report.

Planning Cllr Way reported:

F/TH/11/0166 White Stag and Land Rear of 70 Monkton St. Application for extension of time of planning permission F/TH/07/1289, for erection of a single- storey 16 no. bedroom Hotel together with associated parking and access. GRANTED
F/TH/11/0199 121 Monkton st. Erection of a part one and part two storey side extension, following demolition of existing extension. MPC comments -over development of the original site; such a large extension leaving just blank walls for the neighbour at 119. Also out of keeping with the local street scene and other similar premises within the same area. Possible views of the school premises adjacent to the proposed new building, especially from any first floor windows. Consideration should be given regarding the fence to the western side of the property which should be replaced to prevent an overview of the school premises. Requested that the matter be deferred to the Planning department and tight overseeing of the building regulations with regards to the proposed extension, to include the roof which Monkton Parish Council understands is unsatisfactory.
Concerns that vehicles should not be parked on the street outside of the property in the future ,taking into account the close proximity of the adjacent school crossing yellow zigzag lines.

Regeneration No report.

Speedwatch/TRRG No report.

Village Hall Committee Cllr John Way reported: Terry Marsh was invited to speak. There is an ongoing programme in the village hall to do repairs. The cost is approx £3500. Cllr John Way offered the Parish Council may be able to help with grants to the Village Hall but this would need to be decided and agreed at meetings. The outside wall of the village hall needs urgent treatment


Members of the public were invited to speak but there were no more questions.


27 June 2011, 12 Sept 2011, 14 Nov 2011 & 16 Jan (2012), in the Village Hall at 6.30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.


Signed as a true record ……………… Dated Monday 27 June 2011