Minutes APM 16 May 2011

PARISH CLERK – Mrs Gina Anzani LLB, Saxby Cottage, 56A Monkton St, Monkton, Nr Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 4JF    01843 823960

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 16 May 2011 at 6.30 pm in Monkton Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs Nick Cole (Chairman), J Way (Vice-Chairman), Gilly Brown, Tony              Davies and G Anzani (Clerk), and 20 parishioners

1. Councillor Nick Cole welcomed parishioners to the meeting.  He opened the floor to the public and asked if anyone had anything to comment on. This is a summary of the points that were raised.
i) Highways – Terry Marsh brought it to the Council’s attention that the hedgerow which is located along Seamark Rd needs cutting back because it is encroaching onto the road.  This needs cutting back inorder for vehicles to pass safely.   Clerk to contact Highways.

ii)  Highways- Terry Marsh also brought to the Council’s attention how the Brown Tail Moth is devastating hedges in the area.  Also, the hairs are toxic when breathed in.  The moth has been spotted at the top side road, adjacent to the main road from Monkton to Minster.   Thanet Earth has treated their hedgerows.

Clerk to contact Highways and show Monkton Parish Council’s concern, and suggest the hedges are treated.  Clerk also to contact KALC to enquire whether this issue has been raised with them.

Pete Mitchell added the moth has also been seen in the Recreation Ground to the right side of the Pavilion.  This is thought to be owned by Mr Fuller.  Clerk to contact Mr Fuller the landowner.

iii)  Mrs May- enquired about the current situation with regard to the tall conifers that are situated in the Recreation Ground.  Mrs May wishes them to be cut down.  Clerk to chase up TDC, as the Landlord to the Recreation Ground, they should cut down the conifers.



Meeting closed at 6.38 pm



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