Minutes 27 June 2011

PARISH CLERK: Gina Anzani LLB, Saxby Cottage, 56A Monkton St, Monkton, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4JF
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 Monkton Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on 27 June 2011 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.

Present    Parish Councillors   John Way (Chairman), Nick Cole (Vice Chairman), Gilly Brown, and                Tony Davies.

In Attendance                  Gina Anzani (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer).
Any representations from members of the pubic were made before the meeting was opened.




  Councillor Davies declared a personal interest in item 12 on the agenda.  Cllr Davies is a personal
  friend of the resident of 119 Monkton St and therefore his interest in 121 Monkton St was viewed as   prejudicial and he was unable to take part in any of the discussions with regard to planning application


           It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on 16 May 2011.
  These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.

          Cllr Way spoke of gradual changes to be implemented.

27/11-12         NOTICE OF VACANCY

  Members received that a casual vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Parish Council   due to David Spillet withdrawing his application.   If by 8  July 2011, (14 days after the date of the    notice) a request for an election to fill said vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer at    TDC by ten electors, an election will be held to fill said vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by   co-option.  If an election is called, it will take place not later than 13 September 2011.
  The Clerk placed the notice of vacancy on the notice board outside the Village Hall on the 18 June.    Also a note was placed in the newsletter.

  1  The Clerk spoke to  Chris Tull at TDC about a ROSPA report and confirmed said he would    organise one.  He also said he would get back to the Clerk before 27 June 2011 to confirm a date,   but hasn’t done this.

  2   Clerk removed the statutory notice advertising elector’s rights to inspect the Accounts on the 20th   June. 

  3  Parish Surgery.  The Village Hall Cttee has still not confirmed whether the Village Hall may be used   free of charge.  Terry Marsh said this would probably be alright.


  Members received a grant application from the Village Hall Committee.  Terry Marsh contacted    the Clerk and requested this item to be placed on the agenda.  There is to be alot of work carried    out on  the Village Hall  and the approximate cost is approximately £3500.

  Cllr Cole proposed that the Parish Council contribute half the amount but it had to be match funded.    Members resolved to pay £1750 towards the cost of the work.  Members requested the Village Hall   Committee organise an invoice to be sent to the Parish Council when payment is due.


  Members received an update on the rent situation with TDC from Cllr Brown.

  Brian White spoke with Cllr Cole and he sent a letter to the Parish Council stating any backdated rent   should be wiped off as the billing was viewed as inappropriate.  The Parish Council contacted TDC on   the 6 June to ask for a refund of £375 and a renewal of the rent free status.  TDC acknowledged the   letter but did not consider that billing in the future would be inappropriate.  Cllr Brown spoke to Julie   Steere by phone.  It is hoped that MYFC will pay £500.

  Cllr Brown’s new proposal and first review was; for a 5 year term the Parish Council pay £500 per   annum plus 25% of additional income from the Recreation Ground to TDC. For the following 5-10    years, the review is not to be more than £1000.
  Cllr Cole proposed after the first 5 year term, the rent situation should be re-negotiated.  Members   resolved that this is the favoured suggestion and that £1500 yearly rental figure has been scrubbed.    Cllr Brown to compose a response to TDC.

  Members received an update on the improvements to the entrance of the Recreation Ground from Cllr   Brown.  The Clerk has contacted MYFC confirming they should go ahead with the work as agreed at   the meeting on 16 May 2011.  A £1000 Community Grant was received by KCC to contribute to the   costs.  Cllr Brown reported MYFC are still trying to organise a date for the work and has also    requested signage.    
             Members received an update on the Memorial Trees from Cllr Gilly Brown.  Delphine and Pete  Mitchell have put together a photo montage of the memorial trees.  Clerk to keep with the Parish  Council files as a formal log.    
              Members to receive an update on the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge from Cllr G Brown.  The
              application has been accepted by the Fields Trust’s project.  However, formal permission needs to be  granted by TDC as they are the legal owners of the grounds.  The Clerk has written to TDC as  requested by Cllr Brown, emphasising a speedy response.  Cllr Brown spoke to Julie Steere at TDC,  who knows nothing QE II Fields Challenge.  Cllr Brown to follow up.

  Members resolved not to cut down the leylandi trees which are growing in the Recreation Ground.    It was agreed that the cost was too great to benefit one resident.  The Clerk requested whether Mrs   May was permitted to organise the cutting of the trees herself.  Members would be agreeable to this if
  she liaised with the Parish Council for permission and ensured the correct public liability insurance   was in place.
 Extra items mentioned by Cllr Brown were that she had looked for the Brown Moth in the Recreation  Ground but could see no sign of it, but she had brought it to the attention of MYFC any way.  Also, Cllr  G Brown questioned Cllr Davies about cricket in the Recreation Ground and he confirmed there was  no fixed cricket proposal as yet.  


  Members received a report from Cllr Davies.  There were no further developments on the Finger Sign.    Cllr Cole proposed that a quote to move the pole and repair the sign is obtained.  Cllr Davies to    organise.

  Members received a letter from EK Area Office Countryside Access Service to inform the PC about   changes to the arrangements for vegetation clearance on Public Rights of Way in the coming year.    Due to cuts there will be a reduced programme of clearance using local contractors.  CAS has    planned to expand its Countryside Access Warden scheme but it is inevitable some remote paths may   become difficult to use.
  Members to identify public rights of way within the Parish that:
• Have been omitted from the schedule, that are well used by the public and that if left untended will become impassable during the summer months.  Any addition should be matched by a reduction elsewhere in the Parish so that there is not net increase.
• Have been included in the schedule but could be omitted or the frequency of cutting reduced.
• Is the Parish willing to undertake clearance work using their own labour force; there would be a contribution but that would be pegged at the level of their expenditure.
• CAS wish to know if the PC wish to contribute to meeting the cost of a more extensive programme of clearance in the Parish.

Members resolved that public right of way TE26 should remain to be maintained by the Countryside Access Service and also flagged up 2 other paths that were not mentioned in the details sent to the Clerk.  These are the  ‘Roman Wall’ and the right of way between Monkton Village and the Monkton Marshes.  Clerk to contact the EK Countryside Access Service with these areas highlighted.
  33/11-12 FINANCIAL

a)  Members resolved to approve the schedule of payments.  Two Councillors
     signed the cheques. 
Cheques              £
000434 Clerk’s salary Inc Internet expenses (19.98)     519.50
000435 Petty Cash (cheque pay Gina Anzani) VOID     100.00 
000436 Chairman’s Allowance        218.00
 KCC Grant for Recreation Ground Car park               1000.00
 VAT Return         517.62
Petty Cash
 Postage              9.05
 Armed Forces Flag          16.20
 Printer Inks           17.37
  It was resolved that any Committees that are without a representative would be filled when a new    Councillor is appointed to the Council.
  It was resolved that Cllr John Way would be appointed to the Jubilee Committee. 
  To receive reports from representatives on:
   Highways   Cllr Tony Davies reported white lines have been painted on the        roundabout, pot holes in the village have been repaired.
      White lining 30 mph circled & Slow Down painted on the road  
      between Minster and Monkton to be looked into.  Overgrown near the
      church- Clerk reported to Highways.  Cllr Davies now has a more       understanding of his duties as a Highway’s Representative.

  KALC    Nothing to report.

  KIACC    Cllrs Nick Cole reported.  He has been campaigning for regular        meetings to ensure various movements are reported.  There are to       be 4 meetings in the next 12 months.  Airport activity including cargo       is down.  There was an incident when a plane heading for        Afghanistan with a cargo of ponies had too much fuel loaded; 16000       litres rather then 8000.  The operator and company are now banned.

      With regard to flight paths- planes are supposed to fly past the        church between Sarre and Monkton and it must be ensured this        happens.

      3 weeks ago, there were tornadoes in the area.  Planes should not fly       over the village at a low altitude.  Charles Buchanan was informed       that any RAF planes were always told that fact.

      Airport complaints procedure was to be simplified and fully        registered.  Cllr Cole has constantly pushed for a noise monitor on       the runway to measure the noise.  It has been reported that 90        decibels has been recorded at St Nicholas Primary School.
  Monkton School   Pauline Butler has confirmed her resignation in writing to the Clerk       and Chairman.  Cllr Brown to contact the School.
  MYFC    Cllr Brown reported.  Their AGM was on the 10 June and they        presented to Council their accounts.  The club is run exceedingly well       with a good management team.  They intend to increase in size.

  Parish Council Forum  Nothing to report.  Rep required.
  Monkton Recreation Ground  Cllr Gilly Brown- nothing more to report.
  Planning   Cllrs John Way/Gilly Brown.
      F/TH/11/0199. 121 Monkton St.  Erection of a part one and part two       storey side extension, following demolition of existing extension        Planning refused.  The owners of the property and their         representative were given an opportunity to speak before the        meeting.  Members suggested the owners contacts TDC Planning       Department.      
  Regeneration and Environment No report.  Rep required.
  Speedwatch/TRRG  Cllr J Way – nothing to report.  Cllr Davies suggested a letter         is sent to Foxhunters asking them to remind their residents        there is a 30 mph speed limit in the Village and also to clear        up any dog mess.  There is a problem of dog fouling on the        pathway opposite the Foxhunter.  Clerk to write to Foxhunter        Park. 
  Village Hall Cttee  Cllr J Way.  Nothing more to report.

           12 Sept 2011, 14 Nov 2011 & 16 Jan (2012), in the Village Hall at 6.30pm.
          The meeting closed at  approximately 8.30pm.
  Signed as a true record  ………………          Dated   Monday 12 September 2011