Agenda 8 Sept 2011

To all members of the Council                                                                      Sept. 8th 2011

Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of Monkton Parish Council to be held at
Monkton Village Hall on Mon. Sept. 12th starting at 6.30 pm to transact the following business:

John Way

Please note: Mr Ray has been invited to attend the meeting at 7pm to give a presentation on Waste Disposal at Richborough.


At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman will open the meeting to receive any representations from members of the public.

1 Co-option of Graham Constable
2 Welcome New Clerk
3 Apologies for Absence
4 Declarations of Interest
5 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

        To approve the minutes of the meeting held on June 27th 2011 amending 30/11-12, para.7 (Fields in Trust) to state:
        “The application has been received and noted (not “agreed”) by the Fields in Trust project”
6 Announcements
5 Financial Matters

a) To note and agree closing financial statement & petty cash account from retiring Clerk. (see notes)
b) To note new Clerk’s appointment as of 1.9.2011 at SCP 18 with review after 6 month probationary period.
c) To establish £100 petty cash allowance for new Clerk (£10.43 in hand =  £89.57 req).
d) To discuss and agree reappointment of Eric Fewkes as Internal Auditor with a view to his reviewing the financial systems as adopted at MPC meeting May 2011 (see notes)
e) To agree 3 signatories to bank account.
f) To consider Serco fixed quote of £196 +VAT for weed killing.
g) To discuss reinstatement of free hire of Village Hall for Parish Council Meetings.(see notes)
8 New Councillor Roles
 To discuss the proposed list of Councillor appointments, as attached.
9 Councillors Reports
 To consider Councillors’ reports as delegated representatives and from assigned roles:
 Cllr Way Planning, Village Hall, Speedwatch, Jubilee Committee
 Cllr Cole KIACC 
 Cllr Brown MYFC, Rec Ground (to consider how to progress lease negotiations with     TDC), Monkton School
 Cllr Davies Highways, ROSPA reporting (see notes)
9 Parish Surgery
To discuss whether or not to pursue this project.
10 Dates & Times of Next Meetings 
To confirm date for next meeting as 14th November 2011; time to be agreed.




Financial Matters
a) Closing financial statement & petty cash account – see email attachment

d) For discussion – have we have signed up to a lot of financial systems that are heavy  handed, inappropriate and unworkable for a small PC. This was largely on the  recommendation of Arthur King, current internal auditor. Eric Fewkes, our former internal  auditor, may have a more down to earth approach. Would we benefit from his advice?

f) Serco quote – see email attachment

g)  It is normal practice for PCs not to pay for village hall hire, esp. where they grant fund a  hall’s upkeep for the benefit of the community. Although hire cost is nominal, £120 pa,  should MPC ask the V/Hall Comm. to reinstate our former free hire status?

New Councillor Roles
See email attachment


Councillors Reports (Cllr Davies)
Tony – this is just an idea for discussion … as risk assessment this is your area of expertise, could you report on the following: would it be possible for you to undertake the required annual ROSPA report on the play area? … what are the issues & cost involved? Also, is the Risk Management Statement that we signed up to at our May 2011 meeting workable or should it be reviewed and down scaled? (Maybe this topic should have a separate heading…?).