Minutes 10 Oct 2011

PARISH CLERK: Sara Archer, 204 Monkton St, Monkton, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4JN
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 Monkton Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on 10 October 2011 at 6.00pm at Monkton Village Hall.

Present Parish Councillors   John Way (Chairman), Nick Cole (Vice Chairman), Gilly Brown, Graham Constable, Tony Davies

In Attendance Sara Archer (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer)
Any representations from members of the pubic were made before the meeting was opened.


 Graham Constable – Wife works at Monkton Under 5’s Playgroup
 Tony Davies – Wife works at Monkton Under 5’s Playgroup
 Sara Archer – Two children attend Monkton Under 5’s Playgroup

 Cllr Way opened the meeting and explained to those present that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the applications for Grant funding to the value of £3000 and how the money could be put to the best use  within the Village.  As no other suggestions had been received, it was proposed to use the funds to install a  much needed central heating system into the Monkton Under 5’s Playgroup.

 Cllr Way confirmed that he had sought guidance from KALC regarding the issue of two Councillors and the  Clerk declaring an interest in the Playgroup at the meeting.  He was advised that anyone involved with the  Playgroup should be asked to leave the meeting prior to discussion taking place to ensure the dialogue did  not become prejudicial.  This was agreed by the Parish Council, with the exemption of the Clerk, who it was  felt should stay to minute the proceedings.

 Cllr Brown confirmed that she had spoken with Cllr Hibberd who directed that a grant of £1000 plus a further  grant of £3000 could be applied for, totalling £4000 and not £3000 as originally thought.

 Cllr Davies expressed concern with regard to the state of the electrics within the Playgroup building, and  suggested a PAT test was carried out prior to any works on the heating being completed.  This would be  arranged by Mr Terry Marsh, trustee of the building.

 Prior to any further discussions taking place regarding the use of the Grant money for heating within the  Playgroup building, attendees were asked for any other suggestions that the money could be used for.  It was  highlighted that the surface of the play area in the Recreation Ground was potentially hazardous.  However, it  was agreed that as a first step, this issue would be addressed with a ROSPA report being undertaken to  assess the risks. A ROSPA report is still awaited from TDC for several months already in spite of repeated  communications, the matter is still outstanding.

 At this point, Cllr Davies and Cllr Constable were asked to leave the meeting.

 It was confirmed that as the building was owned by a non-profitable organisation it would have no bearing on  the Grant applications.  Three quotes for installing a full central heating system in the building had been  obtained and discussion took place as to which quote would be the most suitable.

The Parish Council made a unanimous decision to apply the grant funding towards the proposal of fitting a new central heating system for Monkton Under 5’s Playgroup.  It was agreed that if possible, this work should be carried out during this October half-term holidays.

It was also proposed and agreed that the Grant funding for £1000 together with the remainder of the £3000 Grant funding money should be used to re-decorate the interior and exterior of the Playgroup building.

The meeting closed at approximately 6:25pm.