Minutes 16 January 2012

PARISH CLERK: Sara Archer, 204 Monkton St, Monkton, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4JN
Tel:01843 821989    E: monktonpc@hotmail.co.uk

 Monkton Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on 16 January 2012 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.

Present Parish Councillors   John Way (Chairman) [JW], Nick Cole (Vice Chairman) [NC], Gilly Brown [GB], Graham Constable [GC]

In Attendance Sara Archer (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer) [SA], Heather Gunton – Bookings Secretary, Monkton Village Hall.
Any representations from members of the pubic were made before the meeting was opened.

  Cllr Tony Davies [TD]


  It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on 12 September,
  10 October and 14 November 2011.  These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.

  – Cllr Way reported that there had been an incident regarding the illegal disposal of rubbish at the    western end (Church end) of Monkton Street.  The incident had been reported to Thanet District    Council who are now looking into installing temporary CCTV cameras in order to monitor that area.    Villagers were asked to be vigilant and report any unusual behaviour either to the Clerk or direct to   the fly tipping department of TDC.

  – Cllr Way informed the meeting that a notice of appeal had been submitted by 121 Monkton Street   with regards to their planning application and a decision was pending.
  – The next meeting of the Silver Jubilee Committee was being held on 20th January.  Cllr Way would   be attending the meeting.        Action JW
  – Cllr Way confirmed that in the absence of a designated Village Policeman, any crimes should be   reported individually using the new contact number 101. 

  – Cllr Cole informed the meeting that KIACC are in the process of making an application to extend   their current flight plan to allow them to operate all night.  Due to the change of Lead of TDC, the    consultation period has been delayed.  It was also acknowledged that Flybe would be discontinuing   their service from the end of March, thus impacting on the future development of the Airport.
  – Cllr Cole confirmed that the helicopter crash at Cambridge which started its journey from Manston   remained in the process of being investigated.
  – It had been reported that a blocked drain at the bottom of Brooksend Hill had caused the road to   flood.  TDC had been notified of the problem and it would be dealt with at the end of January.
  – Cllr Cole advised that the motorbikes heard using the track at the rear of Sheriffs Court Lane had   planning permission to do so for 14 occasions per year only.  It was proposed that a record was kept   of the dates on which the motorbikes were heard and if they exceeded the number of occasions    permitted, it would be reported to TDC.         Action SA

  – Cllr Brown reported that a response from Mark Seed, Environmental Services Manager, regarding   the lease of the Recreation Ground had still not been received.  It was agreed that a further letter    should be sent to Mr Seed in order to try and resolve the issue.    Action SA
  – It was suggested that SERCO were contacted to provide a quote for the forthcoming years ‘gang   mowing’ contract.         Action SA

  – Cllr Constable advised that he had been in contact with Sean Cox the Secretary of MYFC who    confirmed there were no further plans to improve the surface of the Car Park at the Recreation    Ground.  It was discussed and agreed that due to grant funding being received, which would be    match funded by MPC, for resurfacing the area, quotes should be obtained from groundwork    companies in order for the work to be completed to a higher standard.  Cllr Way volunteered to obtain   estimates to be considered at the next meeting.      Action JW
  – Derek Smith had been contacted with regard to welding and repairing the fingerpost sign and would   be providing a quote in due course. 
  – Cllr Constable reported that Parsonage Fields road sign had been damaged.  It appeared that a    vehicle may have accidentally hit it.  Cllr Constable had reported the damage to the Highways Dept   at TDC and would speak to the bus company to ensure every care is taken when using the Close to   turn.
  a) Receipts and Payments were agreed.  Cheques signed as appropriate.
  b) The issue of the bank charges which were accrued to due to unavailable funds in the account was   discussed.  Unfortunately the initial money transfer issue was dated from September 2011 when    there was a change in Clerk and at that time the financial system was not fully understood. **
  c) The Agency & Precept budget was discussed and agreed.  It was proposed that due to the current   economic climate, the precept request remained unchanged for this year.   Action SA
  d) It was decided to renew the Zurich Insurance Policy for a longer term of three years as a reduced   rate had been offered.           Action SA
  – Cllr Way confirmed that the £1000 grant funding had been received for the Playgroup to carry out   redecoration works as planned.

  The Clerks report had been circulated and read prior to the meeting.
  – Cllr Brown was asked to complete the relevant form in order to be added as a bank signatory.  All   signatories resigned the form as appropriate.
  –  The Clerk confirmed she would be booked onto the next available date for the Clerk in Action    training as previous course was cancelled due to admission to hospital.  Further dates will be    obtained for Cllr Constable and Cllr Davies to attend the new Councillors training – ‘Dynamic    Councillor’.          Action SA

  The next meeting would be held on 19th March 2012 at 6:30pm in the Village Hall.    
  Future dates are as follows:  14th May, 16th July, 24th September, 19th November and
      14th January 2013
  The meeting closed at approximately 20:00hrs.


** Since the meeting Cllr Way has attended the bank and the charges have been reduced to £35.00