Agenda 16 Jan 2012

To all members of the Council                                                      9th January 2012

Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of Monkton Parish Council to be held at
Monkton Village Hall on Monday 16th Jan starting at 6.30 pm to transact the following business:

Sara Archer


At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman will open the meeting to receive any representations from members of the public.

1 Apologies for Absence

2 Declarations of Interest

3 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
To approve the minutes of the meetings held on 12th Sept, 10th Oct, 14th Nov 2011

4 Chairman’s Report
 a)  Fly tipping – Western end of Monkton Street.

5  Councillors Reports
 To consider Councillors’ reports as delegated representatives and from assigned roles:
 Cllr Way Planning (121 Monkton St), Speedwatch, Jubilee Committee (Appendix C)
 Cllr Cole KIACC, Planning  
 Cllr Brown Monkton School, Finance, Planning
 Cllr Davies ROSPA reporting, Village Hall (Report on Rec Ground?)
 Cllr Constable MYFC, Rec Ground, Highways (Fingerpost sign)

6 Financial Matters
a) To note and resolve to agree receipts and payments as listed.  Two Cllr’s to sign cheques.  (Appendix A)
b) To note bank charges accrued for unavailable funds.

c) To agree Agency & Precept Budget 2012/13 (Appendix D)

d) To discuss and agree Zurich Insurance Policy.

7 Clerks Report (Appendix B)

8 Dates & Times of Next Meetings 
To confirm dates for future meetings 2012: March, May, July, September, November & January, March, May 2013