Minutes 14 May 2012

 PARISH CLERK: Sara Archer, 204 Monkton St, Monkton, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4JN
Tel:01843 821989    E: clerk@monktonparish.co.uk

 Monkton Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on 14 May 2012 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.

Present Parish Councillors   John Way (Chairman) [JW], Nick Cole (Vice Chairman) [NC], Gilly Brown [GB], Graham Constable [GC]

In Attendance Sara Archer (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer) [SA], Aaron Kluibenschadl (Community Warden)

  Cllr John Way was nominated and seconded, and with no other nominees, was duly elected as    Chairman for the ensuing year.

  Cllr Nick Cole was nominated and seconded and duly elected as Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year.

  Although no formal apologies were received , Cllr Davies apologised for arriving late to the meeting.

  New positions were resolved as follows:
 Highways   Graham Constable  
 KALC   Clerk
 KIACC   Nick Cole/Graham Constable
 Monkton School No longer a relevant role for Parish Cllr
 MYFC   Graham Constable/Gilly Brown
 Parish Council Forum John Way
 Recreation Ground Graham Constable/Gilly Brown
 Planning  John Way/Gilly Brown/Nick Cole
 Regeneration  John Way
 Speedwatch  John Way
 Village Hall Cttee Tony Davies
 ROSPA   Removed as a specific role

  It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 19th March 2012.     These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.
  Cllr Brown raised the issue of insurance cover for the Pavillion at the Recreation Ground.  The Clerk   confirmed that TDC have requested copies of the existing insurance documents by MYFC and would   refund the monies if satisfied that the building was insured appropriately.  It was felt that TDC should   also be advised that the building is not their asset.

  – Cllr Way reported that it had come to his attention that notices placed on the three Monkton Village   notice boards, by MPC are being illegally defaced / removed.   Various village Committees had been   notified of the problem however, it was felt that children were responsible for the incidents.  Villagers   were asked to be vigilant and report any further occurrences to the Community Warden. 
  a) Members resolved to approve the Schedule of Payments.  Cheques signed as appropriate.
  b) Members noted the Agency & Precept payments for 2012/2013
  c) It was confirmed that the accounts were currently with the internal auditor for completion.     Unfortunately the documents were sent to the incorrect address by the Audit Commission who have   again been notified of the contact details of the existing clerk.  Due to the accounts not being able to   be balanced by Cllr Brown or the Clerk, there has been a delay in the process of preparing the    accounts for approval at this meeting, therefore a separate meeting would be convened to approve   the annual return for the year ending 31st March 2012. 
  d) The notice has been prepared and will be posted on the notice board as soon as possible.
  e) The grant funding for the Diamond Jubilee is being dealt with by the Jubilee Committee direct and   is in hand.

09/12-13 PLANNING
  a) Thanet Earth – F/TH/12/0327 & F/TH/12/0330
  The planning applications were discussed and it was agreed that a letter of objection should be sent   as to date the original planning application had not been adhered to with regard to the lighting and   creation of jobs for local residents.  It was noted that the lights remain on during unacceptable    hours and not within the timeframe specified in the existing planning application.  Therefore Monkton   Parish Council would be unhappy to approve any further planning applications until these problems   are rectified.          Action SA
  b) 198 Monkton Street – F/TH/12/0162
  Cllrs noted the decision by TDC to refuse the above planning application.

  Monkton Court Farm – F/TH/12/0244 
  Cllr Brown expressed concern that it appeared TDC had not acknowledged the objections raised by   MPC with regard to the above planning application.  It was agreed that a letter outlining such    concerns should be sent to TDC.       Action SA

  Foxhunter Clubhouse – F/TH/120341
  The planning application was discussed in length and it was agreed that a letter of objection should   be sent on the following grounds:

  The development is a substantial increase in size of the existing building and the courtyard which    brings it closer in proximity to the rear of the adjacent bungalows.  Although the acoustic     requirements seem to be satisfied when door/windows are closed, there are concerns about the    increase in the level of noise during anti-social hours especially if the courtyard is to be used at night.    This is likely to cause unacceptable noise levels for the bungalows.

  Cllrs also acknowledge that the applicant is looking to move 100+ caravans to occupy the field at the   boundary of the Recreation Ground.
  The Parish Council strongly object to the formalisation of the field for caravan use as they are    unaware of any planning application being submitted to change the use of the land for recreational   purposes, however, it appears there is a football pitch and seating arrangements erected on the land,   hence breaching the existing planning permission.  Objections to the further loss of green land were   also noted.           Action SA

  a) It was resolved to sign and agree the invoice from Serco regarding the grounds maintenance. It   was suggested that Serco were approached to cut the grass at the Recreation Ground. Action SA
  The condition of the Children’s Play Area was discussed at length.  An external company had    inspected the area and prepared a report detailing the works to be completed in order to make it    safe.  It had been agreed previously to approach Derek Smith to provide a quote for completing the   works.  This remained outstanding, therefore it was resolved to temporarily close the Play Area to the   public with immediate effect until repairs had been carried out.  Cllr Davies would prepare the    temporary closure notices and photograph them in situ.   It was also agreed to place boarding across   the slide and padlock the area to ensure the equipment could not be used.         Action TD/GC
  A notice would also be placed in the village newsletter to inform Villagers of the position with regard   to the closure.          Action SA  It was proposed that a budget of £3000 be nominated to fund the urgent repair works in order for the   play area to be re-opened as soon as practicable.  A contingency budget would also be put in place   to cover any works that could not be undertaken by Derek Smith.  Discussion regarding further    funding and grant applications were considered and agreed to follow these up at a later date.

  b) The letter received from Mark Seed was considered.  It was suggested that MYFC should be    approached to pay rent if it was agreed to pay the invoices from TDC.  After further discussion, it was   proposed that legal advice was sought from KALC and they would be sent copies of both the letter   from Brian White and that from Mark Seed.      Action SA
  A reply would also be sent to Mark Seed to inform him that legal advice was being sought.Action SA

  c) The Clerk confirmed that all correspondence and email notifications had been forwarded to Rose   Donnelly with regard to the FIT application.  To date no further response had been received.

  d) The Clerk informed the meeting that the new Secretary for MYFC was Nerys Brick.  Her contact   details would be updated in the newsletter and forwarded to Cllrs Brown and Constable for    information.          Action SA

  e) The Clerk had reported the recent incident of fly-tipping to TDC who would be taking action as    soon as possible.

  Cllr Brown informed the meeting that she had registered as the contact for the Village SOS lottery   funding scheme.  It was proposed that if successful MPC should look at purchasing the Recreation   Ground, all were in agreement.

11/12-13 HIGHWAYS 
  a) Cllr Constable updated the meeting with regard to the Fingerpost sign which had been re-welded   and was currently in the process of being repainted.  It was expected that the Fingerpost would be   back in position in the next two weeks.  It was suggested that Cllr Hibberd was contacted to inform   him that a new post was no longer required.      Action SA

  a) The work of the Diamond Jubilee Committee was ongoing and the grant application was in hand.
  b) It was confirmed that the Village Hall had a new ceiling and uplighters installed.  It was currently in   the process of being redecorated.
  c) Cllr Way raised the issue of purchasing a defibrillation machine once again after attending a TRRG   meeting.  It was suggested that Birchington Parish Council were approached to investigate how they   manage the use of their Unit and what arrangements have been put in place for its use.   Action SA
  d) There was no update from the TAG meeting.
  e) Notifications from the Parish Council Forum had previously been discussed.

13/12-13 KIACC
  Cllr Cole confirmed that the night flight proposal had been rejected by TDC and Thanet Waste were   in the process of removing the old disused aeroplanes from the site.

  Cllr Way questioned the percentage of Village children that attended the School as there was no    participation in the Jubilee events.  It was suggested that the School was used during the Street    Party for the children however, issues regarding security, use of toilet facilities and payments were   raised which made the suggestion impractical.

  The Clerks report had been circulated and read prior to the meeting.
  –  The Clerk confirmed that dates for the ‘Dynamic Councillor’ Course had been circulated but no    response had been received.  It was agreed that Cllr Davies and Cllr Constable were booked onto   the course running on 20th June at Minster Parish Council Offices.
  –  It was agreed that the Clerk should enrole onto the distance learning course run by SLCC –    ‘Working with your Council’        Action SA
  – It was proposed that the Petty Cash Account should cease with immediate effect.  All were in    agreement.  The Clerk would arrange for the outstanding balance of £44.50 to be paid into the bank.             Action SA
  Cllr Brown explained that a monitoring form had been received with regard to a grant allocated during   2010/2011.  It was thought this was relating to either the Village Hall funding or monies toward the   Car Park resurfacing at the Recreation Ground.

  It was noted that Serco had only invoiced MPC for half a year, thus payment of approximately £1000   was outstanding, therefore it was agreed they should be contacted to inform them of their mistake.
             Action SA

  Rev. Peter Gausden had issued an invitation to the Jubilee Church Service.  The Clerk would contact   him to notify how many people from MPC were expecting to attend.

  The next meeting would be held on 16th July 2012 at 6:30pm in the Village Hall.    
  Future dates are as follows:  24th September, 19th November and
      14th January 2013

  The meeting closed at approximately 20:30hrs.