Minutes 24 Sept 2012

 PARISH CLERK: Sara Archer, 204 Monkton St, Monkton, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4JN
Tel:01843 821989    E: clerk@monktonparish.co.uk

 Monkton Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on 24 September 2012 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.

Present Parish Councillors   John Way (Chairman) [JW], Nick Cole (Vice Chairman) [NC], Gilly Brown [GB], Graham Constable [GC]

In Attendance Sara Archer (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer) [SA], David & Dawn Mills (MYFC)


  It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 16th July 2012, which   were signed by the Chairman as a true record subject to the amendment that Rev Gausden was    going to investigate the signage for the Church and not Cllrs Brown/Constable.
  It was also acknowledged that the Foxhunter planning application had been omitted from the    Agenda.

  – Cllr Way reported that the lack of Police presence in the local villages had been raised at various   meetings.  Villagers are urged to report all incidents direct to the Police in order that they can be    recorded appropriately.

  It was proposed and agreed to adopt Thanet District Council’s model Code of Conduct in order to    maintain uniformity when dealing with issues such as pecuniary interests.

  a) Members resolved to approve the Schedule of Payments.  Cheques signed as appropriate.
  b) The accrued funds amounting to £11,676 from Agency payments were noted.  It was agreed that   these funds were set aside for the maintenance of the Recreation Ground as a whole including the   Play Area.
42/12-13 PLANNING
  a) Foxhunter– F/TH/12/0111
  Cllr Cole requested that a copy of the planning permission granted to change the use of agricultural   land to a sports field was obtained.        Action SA

  Royal Exchange – OL/TH/12/0333
  It was confirmed that the planning application had been refused.
  b) It was noted that after investigation it appeared that the triangular piece of land opposite The Royal   Exchange had not been registered as Common land, enquiries were being made to establish the    actual owner of the land.         Action SA
  – Cllr Cole requested that the Planning Department were informed that the quadbike users had    exceeded the number of times they were permitted to use the farm land, thus breaching the    regulations originally granted.        Action SA

  As David and Dawn Mills from MYFC were in attendance at the meeting, it was agreed to bring item   e) forward on the Agenda to be discussed.

  e) David expressed his concern with regard to the rental charge for MYFC being backdated to April   1st as this would result in the club having to pay two invoices in this financial year.  He explained that   MYFC’s financial year runs from 1st July – 31st June to coincide with the football season, and    although membership fees had been increased to help cover the rental payment, it would still cause   them financial difficulty.   After consideration it was agreed that a separate invoice would be raised for   the period 1st April – 1st July, then yearly from 1st July – 31st June thereafter.

  Dawn confirmed that they had requested copies of the building insurance documents and will forward   to the Clerk as soon as they were to hand.

  Cllr Cole also requested that a copy of MYFC year end accounts were forwarded to the Clerk as per   the Users Agreement.

  David enquired whether the maintenance of the Sports Pavilion would remain the responsibility of   MYFC in view of the payment of rent to MPC.  It was suggested that MYFC maintained responsibility   for the building, however, if they required financial help, to approach the Parish Council who would   assist where possible and help with any grant applications that may be necessary.  The amendment   to the Users Agreement was signed by both David Mills and Cllr John Way and an initial payment of   £1500 was received.

  Cllr Constable was invited to attend the next MYFC Committee meeting.

  a) It was confirmed that after some initial repairs to the equipment in the play area, it had been    discovered that the safety flooring was inadequate and needed replacing as a matter of urgency.     Thus, the budget of £3000 agreed at the last meeting was no longer sufficient.  Cllr Way had made   enquiries and the most competitive company to carry out the works to the surfacing of the play area   was Abacus who would remove the existing safety mats, lay a resin/rubber surface and replace the   wooden surround.  A riding school had been contacted who was willing to buy the old mats.  It was   agreed to go ahead and instruct Abacus to carry out the work.
  The ROSPA report suggested removing the chain cargo net on the multi gym, and replacing it with a   rope net.  After inspection and an informal risk assessment by Cllrs it was agreed that the cost of    replacement (£1000) was excessive and that the existing chain net was in good repair and did not   appear to represent a significant level of risk to justify its replacement.
  The ROSPA report highlighted the poor quality of the springer motorbike and suggested it was either   replaced or refurbished. After consideration, Cllrs agreed on refurbishment. 
  Cllrs agreed to replace all three of the springer platforms and ask Derek Smith to install them.  It was   also suggested and agreed that the remainder of the material used for the platforms was used to    replace the ladder steps to the multi-gym.

  Derek would also be asked to fit the sleeper wood to the bench which is currently broken.  However,   it was proposed to defer the purchase of the picnic bench until Spring next year.

  Cllrs agreed for the works outlined above to go ahead, costing approximately £7500 + £1500 already   spent on repairs to swings etc..  A grant of £3000 would be applied for to assist with the cost of the   resurfacing.          Action GB

  b) The fir trees at the rear of the Sports Pavilion were discussed.  After assessment by a tree    surgeon it was established that the roots and debris from the trees were causing damage to the    building.  It was proposed to remove nine of the trees and fell the remainder of the trees by a third.  A   quote had been obtained for the works to be carried out costing £2400 inc VAT.  Cllrs agreed for the   company to be instructed to carry out the works without delay.

  c) The installation of CCTV cameras was discussed.  Quotes had been gathered for a security    system to be put in place, however, it was felt that a decision to go ahead should be deferred to a   later date.  It was felt that the damage and attempted break-ins to the Pavilion should be taken into   account when making a decision, and the representatives from MYFC were asked to consider    contributing to the cost of the installation by way of a grant.  Cllr Brown offered to assist with the grant   application.  It was therefore proposed that if the grant application by MYFC was successful, MPC   would match the funding to enable the system to be installed.  It was confirmed that any financial    agreement would be deferred to the next meeting.

  Cllr Cole enquired whether the play area equipment was insured against vandalism.  The Clerk would   contact the insurance company to confirm.      Action SA

  d) Cllr Way confirmed that a number of complaints regarding vehicular activity and inappropriate    behaviour at night at the Recreation Ground had been received.  The possibility of installing a barrier   to deter such activity was being explored.  It was suggested that clear signage would need to be put   in place, and the owner of the land should be advised of the proposal.  It was also suggested that the   relocation of the existing farm gate was considered.  Enquiries would be made and reported at the   next meeting.                 Action JW/SA

  e) As previously discussed.

  f) Cllr Brown suggested that another more assertive letter was sent to TDC with regard to the FIT    application.  The closing date of Dec 31st was approaching rapidly and there was concern that the   opportunity to protect the Recreation Ground would be lost.    Action SA
  Cllr Brown also advised that unfortunately the closing date for the village SOS scheme had passed,   however, TDC had agreed in principle that MPC could buy the Recreation Ground and the matter    had been referred to Cabinet for approval.

44/12-13 HIGHWAYS 
  a) A new sign had been erected by the Highways department who had removed the original cast iron   post and replaced with an aluminium pole.  Although unhappy with the new sign, unfortunately it    would have to be accepted.  Cllr Constable would contact Highways to enquire whether the original   post could be returned to MPC.        Action GC

  b) TDC had confirmed that the damaged signs at Willets Hill and Parsonage Fields would be    replaced within the next two weeks.

  a) It was confirmed that the last Village Hall Committee meeting had been cancelled therefore there   was no update, however, the bookings officer was present and reported that works to the doors had   been carried out to enable easier disabled access.

  b) TRRG: Cllr Way reported that there was rising concern regarding the lack of speedwatch.  Police   had advised that it was a difficult area to speedtrap however, attempts would be made.  The flashing   repeater speed sign at Minster was noted and enquiries would be made with the Clerk for Minster   Parish Council with regard to the permission of it’s installation.

  c) As above

  d) Cllrs Brown and Way agreed to attend the Parish Council Forum Meeting on 25th Oct.

46/12-13 KIACC
  There was no update from KIACC.

  The Clerks report had been circulated and read prior to the meeting. 
  There was nothing further to report, however the Clerk advised that Serco had been contacted with   regard to the possibility of outstanding monies owed who had confirmed the account was up to date.
  The next meeting had been arranged for 19th November, however Cllr Cole advised it was not    possible for him to attend the meeting and requested a change of date to 12th November, and Cllr   Brown advised she would not be able to attend January’s meeting and also requested a change of   date.  The Clerk would contact the bookings officer to confirm availability of the Village Hall and new   dates would be circulated.

  The meeting closed at approximately 20:30hrs.