Minutes January 2013

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 Monkton Parish Council

Minutes of the Public Meeting held on 7 January 2013 at 6.30pm in Monkton Village Hall
to discuss the recent planning application submitted by The White Stag PH

A brief description of the background history to the application was given.  Mr John Elvidge, the representative
for the White Stag was welcomed and invited to speak.
Mr Elvidge advised that one of the main issues raised in opposition to the approved development was the potential
impact on residential amenity for occupiers of accommodation situated to the west of the application site. However,
due to the narrow width of the highway at this point in Monkton Street, the plant, machinery and materials required to
implement the highway works will need to be stored/parked upon that part of the site closest to such residential
properties, which in turn is the most sensitive.
In order to avoid potential conflict, either through planning or environmental enforcement interest, and to reduce any
such amenity impact, in his view, it would make far greater sense for the acoustic wall to be constructed ahead of the
highway works as this will serve to reduce, and hopefully remove, any such potential for conflict.
 Mr Elvige confirmed he had commissioned a Phase 1 Environmental Survey to demonstrate that this reversal in the order of work will not produce any implications for site contamination, and also sought advice from KCC Archaeology, to confirm that provided there is a watching brief for the duration of the groundworks associated with the acoustic wall, there will be no adverse impact upon the archaeological situation.
The point was also made that the costs of on-site highway works would be in the sum of tens of thousands of pounds, while the acoustic wall will cost significantly less. A reversal of the order in which these two operations are carried out would therefore provide more time during which the funds can be secured to undertake the essential highway works, thereby aiding the financial viability of the scheme in the longer term.

Concern was raised that no specific timescale had been identified for the whole project to be completed, nor have the
funds been secured to complete the build.  Therefore, it is felt that the acoustic wall in isolation to the rest of the
development holds no purpose unless there is going to be a reasonable, agreed time between the building of the wall
and the completion of the highways.

Taking into account the views of all those present, the Parish Council are of the opinion there is nothing in the
application to justify the removal of the Appeal conditions set by the Planning Appeal Inspectorate, and would propose
that it is therefore refused.

With no further comments being made, the public meeting was then closed at approx 6:45pm.







Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 7 January 2013 at 6.45pm at Monkton Village Hall.

Present Parish Councillors   John Way (Chairman) [JW], Nick Cole (Vice Chairman) [NC], Gilly Brown [GB], Graham Constable [GC]

In Attendance Sara Archer (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer) [SA]


  Tony Davies [TD] – Late arrival

  All Cllrs declared a significant interest in relation to taking part in discussions regarding setting the   precept.
  a) It was resolved that any dispensations should be considered and recorded by the Clerk.
                b) Dispensation Requests from all Cllrs in respect of any items on the Agenda, and in particular discussions regarding setting the precept, were noted and agreed.

  It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12th November 2012,   which were signed by the Chairman as a true record.

  There were no specific items to be reported upon.

  a) Members resolved to approve the Schedule of Payments.  Cheques signed as appropriate.
  b)The precept budget from the previous year had been reviewed and thus it was proposed that the   precept request remained unchanged.  It was confirmed that Monkton would be relatively unaffected   by the new Council Tax Scheme. 
  The agency request was discussed and due to the extensive works being carried out at the    Recreation Ground it was proposed that the sum of £5700 was requested.
  c) It was agreed to renew the current Zurich Insurance Policy.
68/12-13 PLANNING
  a) All planning applications were duly noted and received.  No response had been received to date   with regard to the two appeals to the Planning Inspectorate.
   b) The planning application for the White Stag had previously been discussed at the Public Meeting   and all Cllrs agreed that there should be no variation considered to the original conditions set by the   Planning Appeal Inspectorate.
  c) The Planning Department had been informed of the quadbike users exceeding the number of    times they had been permitted to use the farm land, thus breaching the regulations originally granted.    TDC had responded that they would be taking no further action against the complaints as they had   been informed by Mr Ling (owner) that the land was being trespassed.  It was felt this was an    unacceptable decision and a further letter of complaint should be sent to the Planning enforcement   team.            Action SA

  a) The safety surfacing in the play area is due to be installed once the grant funding had been    received.  The installation company, Abacus, had been informed of the delay.  Repairs to the    remainder of the equipment were in progress.
  b)  The installation of CCTV cameras at the Rec Ground was revisited. MYFC had agreed to apply   for a grant in order to make a contribution towards the cost of the installation, however no further    update had been received. It was agreed that MYFC should be contacted direct to discuss the    financial situation before a decision to go ahead with the CCTV is progressed.  Action GC
  c) A resident of Seamark Close was present at the meeting who objected to the erection of the gate   as she believed it would be sited on her land.  Discussion took place, and although there was no    evidence to suggest this was the case, it was suggested that in place of the gate, two security posts   were installed. It was agreed to make enquiries into this proposal and to go ahead with the project if   no additional cost would be involved.       Action JW
  d) There had been no further information received to date with regard to the FIT application, therefore   the Clerk would seek confirmation that the necessary action had been completed by TDC.  It was    possible that a grant could be applied for in order to progress with the purchase of the Recreation   Ground.

70/12-13 HIGHWAYS 
  a) Concern with regard to in-passable state of the Drove had been noted and reported to the    Highways Dept who would be taking appropriate action.
  b) It was confirmed the damaged signs at Willets Hill and Parsonage Fields had been repaired.
  c) The blocked drains at Willets Hill had been dealt with.
  –   Cllr Brown advised she had reported the issue of leaf mulch collecting at the end of Monkton    Street which was addressed by KCC on the same day, as was the broken manhole cover, reported   by Cllr Constable.

  a) Village Hall Committee:  Cllr Davies to attend the next meeting on 11th Jan.
  b) TRRG:  The lack of a visible Police presence in villages remained an issue.
  c) TAC:  Cllrs resolved to delegate responsibility for dealing with complaints relating to themselves, to   the Monitoring Officer at TDC.
  d) Parish Council Forum:  The changes to the Council Tax Scheme had been noted.

72/12-13 KIACC
  Cllr Constable reported that he had attended the public meeting on 30th November.  The Airport was   currently hoping to be sold as a going concern however other options would be considered.
  KLM were now running passenger flights to Amsterdam.
  Night flights were not formally discussed however there appeared overall to be a more relaxed view   on the issue.

  The Clerks report had been circulated and read prior to the meeting. 
  There was nothing further to report, however Cllr Constable would make enquiries with MYFC to see   if they have progressed with the grant application towards CCTV.    Action GC
  – Cllr Constable volunteered to carry out the inspections of the Fire Hydrants in the Village and report   any problems as appropriate.        Action GC

  The next meeting would be held on 18th March 2013 at 6:30pm in the Village Hall.    
  Future dates:  20th May
    22nd July
    23rd September
    18th November
    13th January 2014

  The meeting closed at approximately 20:45hrs.