Minutes March 2013

 PARISH CLERK: Sara Archer, 204 Monkton St, Monkton, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4JN
Tel:01843 821989    E: clerk@monktonparish.co.uk

 Monkton Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18 March 2013 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.

Present Parish Councillors   John Way (Chairman) [JW], Nick Cole (Vice Chairman) [NC], Gilly Brown [GB], Graham Constable [GC]

In Attendance Sara Archer (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer) [SA]

Any representations from members of the pubic were made before the meeting was opened.

– A member of public expressed concern regarding the continuous dumping of garden waste in the drainage ditch at the Recreation Ground.  It is thought the ditch is the responsibility of the Farmer and was resolved for the Clerk to write to Mr Dyas and raise the concerns of the residents at Seamark Close.  It was also proposed that KCC Highways department were informed of the issue to enable them to monitor the drainage/discharge of water.
It was suggested that a letter was circulated to the residents of Seamark Close requesting that garden waste was disposed of appropriately and not left in the drainage ditch.       Action SA
– It was confirmed that the rota for the security bollards was going well. Definite times for the bollards to be raised were discussed and agreed as 9pm – 8am during summertime and 5pm – 8am during wintertime.  MYFC have a key to enable them to access the Recreation Ground as needed.
– Villagers also raised concern with regard to the removal of trees at the Recreation Ground.  After much discussion, reassurance was offered that only trees that were diseased or dead had been removed and further trees would be planted in place of those removed.  Work was being undertaken to return the memorial area back to its original status and nothing would intentionally be removed unless completely necessary.
– The Parish Council were advised there was an Elm tree at Millers Lane which would need to be investigated as it was felt it was at risk of falling down.  A tree surgeon would be contacted to take appropriate action. Action SA

  Tony Davies [TD]

  It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting and Public Meeting regarding the   planning application of the White Stag, both held on 7th January 2013, which were signed by the    Chairman as a true record.

  There were no specific items to be reported upon.  PCSO Craig Reisbeck had advised that there had   been one reported crime in the Village for the last month and Cllr Way gave his thanks to Mr Knight   for the excellent job he was doing clearing the bracken and debris at the Recreation Ground.

  a) Members resolved to approve the Schedule of Payments.  Cheques signed as appropriate.
  b) Cllrs resolved to renew the grass mowing contract with Serco for a period of 3 years to take    advantage of the discounted offer.  The Clerk confirmed that Serco had also agreed to increase the   number of cuts per year at no extra cost.
  c) It was agreed to defer the decision to purchase a direction sign for the Church until the Highways   Department had confirmed the cost.
80/12-13 PLANNING
  a) All planning applications were duly noted and received.  Discussion took place with regard to the   Foxhunter Caravan Park application.
   b) The appeal decision by the Planning Inspectorate with regard to 198 Monkton Street was noted.    Concern would be raised at the Thanet Rural Regeneration Group meeting referring to the change in   planning regulations.
  c) Cllr Brown advised she would circulate a copy of the original planning permission granted to Mr   Ling to use his land for motorbikes.  Once the usage had been confirmed, it was suggested that the   matter be referred back to Simon Thomas, Planning Manager, for investigation.

81/12-13 HIGHWAYS 
  Cllr Constable confirmed he had carried out inspections of the fire hydrants in the Village and there   were no visible problems to report.  The pavement repair outside 124/126 Monkton St had been    completed.
  – Cllr Brown advised that another incident of fly-tipping at the closed end of Monkton Street had been   reported to TDC.  It was suggested that a letter was sent to TDC to request assistance with the    problem.          Action SA

  –  It had recently been brought to the attention of the Parish Council by Cllr Iris Johnston, that under   the KCC Highways initiative for safe and sensible street lighting, they had proposed to trial switching   off the street lights in Monkton from Willets Hill towards the Church.  After much discussion, it was   suggested that a letter objecting strongly to the proposal was sent to KCC and Cllr Johnston, to be   raised with TDC, highlighting concerns regarding road safety and the effect on vulnerable children   and elderly residents.         Action SA
  It was suggested that Villagers were approached to voice their concerns regarding the switch-off, by   way of completing a form/petition.  Volunteers to knock doors would be required.
  Cllrs Bob Grove and Mike Roberts should also be contacted for assistance with bringing the issue to   the attention of TDC as necessary.

  a) The resurfacing works to Seamark Close were noted.  A letter to KCC Highways would be written   to outline concern with regard to the unsatisfactory standard of the surface of the main street.
             Action SA

  The Clerk confirmed that Louise Dandy of TDC had been contacted with regard to the maintenance   of the War Memorial.  TDC would carry out any repairs and repainting of the names if necessary,    however, the department were not able to add a name to the memorial.

  a) Village Hall Committee: Cllr Davies had not attended the Committee meeting however a    representative from the Village Hall Committee was in attendance and confirmed that the Village Hall   had recently received the legacy from Miss Heather Andrews will.  Works to the stage, and    maintenance of the Hall would be carried out in dedication to Heather.
  b) TRRG:  No update.
  c) TAC:  The lack of Police presence in the Village remained an issue and Cllr Way confirmed he    would be meeting with Ann Barnes to discuss, in his capacity of Chair of TAC.
  d) Parish Council Forum:  Nothing to report.

84/12-13 KIACC
  Cllr Cole advised that KLM would be taking their first flight on 2nd April.  Approximately 30 jobs had   been created by the airline.

  The next meeting would be held on 20th May 2013 at 6:30pm in the Village Hall. 

  a) All work had been completed at the Children’s Play Area and it was now open for use.
  It was suggested that a monthly ROSPA inspection was carried out and reported at the Parish    Council Meeting.  Serco would be contacted for a copy of their inspection form.  Action GC/GB/SA
  b)  FIT was discussed.  The deed of dedication was still in progress.  TDC would be contacted to    enquire whether MPC would lose the annual agency payment if they acquired the Recreation    Ground.          Action SA
  c) i) Serco contract agreed as in item 79/12-13 (b).
   ii)  It was agreed that grant funding may be available in the future to address the repair of the    fence.
   iii) Discussed previously during representations from the public.

Under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the public was excluded from the meeting hereon, on the grounds that it involved the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraphs 4 & 9 of Part 1 Schedule 12A of the Act.
  d) It was resolved to agree to install a CCTV system at the Recreation Ground based on the agreed   budget of £2000. 

  Matter deferred as not all Cllrs were present.

  The meeting closed at approximately 21:00hrs.