Minutes May 2013

 PARISH CLERK: Sara Archer, 204 Monkton St, Monkton, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4JN
Tel:01843 821989    E: clerk@monktonparish.co.uk

 Monkton Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on 20 May 2013 at 6.45pm at Monkton Village Hall.

Present Parish Councillors   John Way (Chairman) [JW], Nick Cole (Vice Chairman) [NC], Gilly Brown [GB], Graham Constable [GC], Tony Davies [TD]

In Attendance Sara Archer (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer) [SA], Cllr Roger Latchford – UKIP, KCC

Cllr Roger Latchford was welcomed to the meeting and gave a short introduction of himself as the newly appointed representative of KCC.  Cllr Latchford advised he would be interested in holding a half hour surgery prior to the Parish Council meetings in order to meet with the public and discuss any issues they may have.    

  Cllr John Way was nominated and seconded, and with no other nominees, was duly elected as    Chairman for the ensuing year.

  Cllr Nick Cole was nominated and seconded and duly elected as Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year.


  New positions were resolved as follows:
 Highways   Graham Constable/Tony Davies 
 KIACC   Nick Cole/Graham Constable
 MYFC   Graham Constable/Gilly Brown
 Parish Council Forum Gilly Brown
 Recreation Ground Graham Constable/Gilly Brown
 Planning  John Way/Gilly Brown/Nick Cole
 Regeneration  John Way/Nick Cole
 Thanet Area Cttee John Way
 Speedwatch  John Way
 Village Hall Cttee Tony Davies/Nick Cole/Graham Constable

  It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18th March 2013.     These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.

  – Cllr Way reported that he had made enquiries with TDC with regard to the apparent increase in    Council Tax raised by MPC.  An explanation had been received which confirmed there was no actual   increase implemented by MPC.
  a) Members resolved to approve the Schedule of Payments.  Cheques signed as appropriate.
  MYFC would be chased with regard to their application to KIACC for the installation of the CCTV.
  b) Members resolved to approve the detailed draft Financial Statement for the year ending 31 March   2013.  The Clerk confirmed that the internal auditor had suggested transferring the monies from the   contingency account to the reserve account now that the monies had been used for the     refurbishment of the Recreation Ground.  This was agreed by all Cllrs.   Action SA

  A short explanation was given of what a Parish Plan involves and why it is implemented. The    success of the Plan is dependant on the support of the Village as whole.  The profile of the Parish   Plan has recently been raised in light of the Localism Act and therefore a formalised document would   be beneficial for the Village.  Grants are available for the administration and implementation of the   Plan, and it was proposed that a Public Meeting was held in order to inform the residents of the    background and requirements of a Parish Plan Committee.  Cllr Bernard Clayson would be invited to   give a detailed explanation of the Plan and answer any questions the Villagers may raise as he had   been actively involved in the production of the St Nicholas/Sarre Parish Plan.
  It was suggested that a flyer was circulated around the Village, informing residents of what is    involved in the Plan and why their involvement is crucial in its production.
  A date for the public meeting would be confirmed in due course.    Action SA

10/13-14 PLANNING
  a)  Thatched Cottage, 62 Monkton St – L/TH/13/0343
   Barn Studio, Canterbury Rd, Monkton – F/TH/13/0362
  The planning applications were discussed and it was agreed that a letter should be sent confirming   there were no objections raised and both applications were supported.
  b)  Discussion took place with regard to the use of quadbikes on Mr Ling’s property.  No actual    planning application had been agreed and the land was being used under the special event    agreement, however, a number of complaints had been received with regard to the noise which    should be investigated further by TDC.  Cllr Way would contact TDC to request a change of use for   the land is applied.  MPC were also advised that Mr Fuller of Sheriff’s Court Farm was affected by the   noise of the bikes.         Action JW

11/13-14 HIGHWAYS 
  a) Cllrs were updated with regard to the current position of the street lighting campaign.  A letter had   been received from KCC Highways who would respond to the petition against the switch off of the   lights through Monkton Street, within 20 working days.  Cllr Latchford advised he would be meeting   with Paul Valek of the KCC Highways Dept, and invited MPC to join them in order to raise the issues   of concern with him direct.  An agenda for the meeting would be put together and circulated prior to   this meeting on 28th May.        Action SA
  Cllr Sheila Bransfield would be attending the next Joint Transportation Board meeting at TDC on 13th   June to represent MPC and would be highlighting the problems of the switch off on behalf of the    Village.
  b)  Quotes had been obtained with regard to the felling of the dead tree on the approach to Millers   Lane, however, it was felt that it was the responsibility of KCC Highways to address the problem.    This would be raised with Paul Valek at the meeting on 28th May along with the blocked drains at    Brooksend Garage.         Action All

  a) Cllr Davies had prepared a ROSPA report on the children’s play area.
  Although the equipment was in a satisfactory condition it was noted that the bench had been used for   walking/climbing and therefore posed a risk of falling.  Cllrs therefore resolved to attach a notice to   the bench to endorse that it should not be used for any other purpose other than sitting.  It was also   agreed to place a no smoking sign in the Children’s Play Area.    
  A bolt would also need to be removed from the log in the play area as it was also deemed to be a    hazard.

  b) Cllrs were advised that Mark Seed was considering whether MPC would remain in receipt of the   Agency payment should the Recreation Ground be transferred to the Parish Council.  TDC would    however be advised that MPC were very interested in the proposed transfer and would be willing to   proceed once the position of the Agency payment had been confirmed.   Action SA

  c) The maintenance of the Recreation Ground was discussed and the issue of older teenage children   playing ball games in the Children’s Play Area would be raised with MYFC.  Action GC
  It was agreed that the fencing near the memorial trees should be replaced with a strong material.    Quotes would be obtained and considered at the next meeting.    Action JW

  d) The Clerk informed the meeting that the toadstool had been received from Asda as a gift for the   Fields In Trust project.  Cllrs Way, Constable and Davies would arrange to install it in the wooded    area of the Recreation Ground.       Action GC/TD/JW


  a)  Village Hall Committee – no update
  b)  Thanet Rural Regeneration Group – no update
  c)  Thanet Area Committee – Cllr Way reported the reinstatement of the Village Policeman was    imminent.
  d) Parish Council Forum –  Information had been received with regard to the Parish Plan which had   previously been discussed.  The results from the Housing Survey were being collated and would be   discussed with MPC in due course.  The Local Plan would be ready for consultation this summer and   would identify potential sites for development should the necessity arise, which included land    adjacent to Willets Hill.

14/13-14 KIACC
  Cllr Cole advised that KLM were now operating from Manston KIA and confirmed there had not been   any complaints regarding the service.  48 new members of staff had been employed with a view of   more vacancies becoming available in the future.  The rescue helicopters were also in the process of   returning to the airport which would potentially create a further 50 jobs.  The next meeting was being   held on 9th July.

  The next Parish Council meeting would be held on 22nd July 2013 at 6:30pm in the Village Hall.    
    The meeting closed at approximately 21:00hrs.