Minutes – 13 Jan 2014

  Monkton Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting held on 13 January 2014 at 6.30pm at Monkton Village Hall.


Present            Parish Councillors   John Way (Chairman) [JW], Gilly Brown [GB], Graham Constable [GC]


In Attendance   Sara Archer (Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer) [SA], District Cllr Linda Wright [LW]


Not Present      Cllr Tony Davies [TD]


Any representations from members of the pubic were made before the meeting was opened.

– Concern was raised regarding the drainage ditch behind Seamark Close which is now full of debris.  KCC Highways department had been contacted however the farm maintain responsibility for the ditch as it is on private land.  The issue will be followed up.

– It was confirmed that the salt in the new bins was for use by Villagers themselves, as necessary, on footpaths, driveways.

– It was suggested that the Cllrs attend more events in the Village, as representatives of the community, an increased visible presence would be welcomed.

– The security bollards at the Recreation Ground were discussed.  More volunteers are needed to raise the barriers at dusk.   An item would be included in the newsletter.


50/13-14            APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE

                                Nick Cole (Vice Chairman) [NC]

51/13-14            DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST




                        It was resolved to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18th November 2013.                          These were signed by the Chairman as a true record.


53/13-14            CHAIRMANS REPORT

                        Nothing to report.


54/13-14            FINANCIAL MATTERS

                        a) Members resolved to approve the Schedule of Payments.  Cheques signed as appropriate.

                        b) The purchase of a new laptop and software for the Clerk was discussed and it was resolved to set                         a budget of £600. 

                        c) The renewal of the Zurich Insurance Policy was agreed and cheque signed as appropriate.

                        d) The meeting was provided with a short explanation of the reduction in the Agency payment by                                     TDC and discussion took place with regard to the possible solutions to cover the deficit.  Suggestions                 included trimming expenditure on the grass cutting and services at the Recreation Ground.  It was                  resolved to increase the precept request by approximately £700 in order to maintain the grass cutting                         service and allow a budget of £500 for other maintenance.  This would equate to an approximate                                     increase of £2.80 per household and would not cover the shortfall fully but would maintain the Village              to the current standard.  It was noted that the Parish Council had not increased the precept in past                         years.


                        District Cllr Linda Wright was invited to speak.  Cllr Wright suggested pooling resources with                               neighbouring villages and making use of each others assets.  A meeting would be  arranged in due                         course to take the suggestion forwards.

                        – Some villagers may be entitled to apply for a surface water rebate from Southern Water if surface                         water was being discharged onto their property rather than in the drains/gullies.

                        – Villagers were warned of a potential scam regarding a ‘free pillow’ and were reminded not to                              disclose personal information to strangers. 

                        – Villagers were also encouraged for security reasons to ensure they log out of personal email                             accounts.


55/13-14            PLANNING

                        a) A list of current Planning Applications had previously been circulated to the Cllrs.  A notice of                         appeal with regard to the planning application made for 28 Monkton Street was noted and although                         the Cllrs were not unanimous, it was agreed to send a letter of support for TDC to the Planning                            Inspectorate.                                                                                                                 Action SA


56/13-14            HIGHWAYS 

                        a) Cllr Constable provided an update with regard to the KCC Highways seminar.  The street lighting                         proposals were discussed however a decision with regard to lighting in Monkton had still not been                         confirmed.  The situation would continue to be monitored.  The lights removed through the Village                         were due to be replaced as soon as possible.  Cllr Constable advised that a number of other issues                         were discussed at the conference, however, being a County wide seminar, not all were relevant to                         the Village.

                        b) As discussed above.


57/13-14            RECREATION GROUND

                        a) Cllr Davies was not present at the meeting and no report had been received.

                        b) The Parish Council had been advised that the delay in the transfer of the Recreation Ground was                         due to a change in the person dealing with the FIT application at TDC however, it was in hand.

                        c) & d) Cllr Brown had met with MYFC to discuss the repairs to the pavilion building and had asked                         for a list of maintenance requirements to be made which was yet to be received.  The control of the                         rabbit problem would be addressed in Spring.  Concern with regard to the speed of traffic using the                         approach to the Recreation Ground was raised and MYFC would be monitoring the situation.

                        The issue of emergency vehicles not being able to find the Recreation Ground was discussed and                         agreed that enquiries would be made in order for the Recreation Ground to be allocated its own                           postcode.                                                                                                                     Action SA

                        The potential of the drains at the Pavilion being blocked by conifer roots was noted.

                        MYFC enquired whether the grass could be cut more frequently.  They would be advised to liaise                                     direct with Serco and be responsible for any costs involved.  Contact details would be forwarded to                 MYFC.                                                                                                                          Action SA



                        a)  Village Hall Committee – No further update.

                        b)  Thanet Rural Regeneration Group – Enquiries with regard to the lighting situation at Thanet Earth                         would be made with TDC.                                                                                              Action SA

                        c)  Thanet Area Committee – It was thought that the China Gateway development was a cause of the                         recent flooding in Crispe Rd, Acol.  Villagers were advised if they had any similar problems to contact                         TDC.

                        d) Parish Council Forum –  No further update.

                        e) Parish Plan Forum – A meeting was held in December and was positively supported by the                              Village.  Carl Adams from Action with Communities in Rural Kent would be giving a presentation to                         the group, the date to be confirmed.


59/13-14            KIACC

                        No further update.


60/13-14            DATE/TIME OF THE NEXT MEETING

                        The next Parish Council meeting would be held on 17th March 2014 at 6:30pm in the Village                                  Hall. 

                        Future dates:  19th May, 21st July, 29th September, 17th November, 2nd February & 30th March 2015.

                                                The meeting closed at approximately 20:30hrs.