Monkton Parish Council Caring for Monkton

Councillor Roles 2016

All Councillors are unpaid volunteers.    

  Cllr Mr J Way (Chair)

Cllr Mr K Gregory

Cllr Mr K Knight

Cllr Dr C Ransom

?Cllr Mrs T Brown


 Parish Council Clerk      

Parish Council News      

Parish Website            


Planning Committee      Cllr Kevin Knight/John Way/Teresa Brown/Chris Ransom

Village Hall Committee  Cllr Teresa Brown

Parks and Environment  Cllr John Way/Cllr Kevin Knight

Thanet Rural Regeneration Cllr Teresa Brown

 Representative to outside Bodies:

Highways  Cllr Ken Gregory

Kent Association of Local Councils (KALC)  Clerk 

Monkton Football Club Cllr Cllr J Way/Cllr Kevin Knight

Parish Council Forum Cllr C Ransom / Clerk