MONKTON PARISH COUNCIL meets six times a year at Monkton Village Hall.

The meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to listen to the proceedings, although they are not entitled to participate in the business of the meeting, without the invitation of the Chairman.

The Parish Council has 5 members elected every 4 years.  In the event of a vacancy occurring a new member is elected or co-opted until the next full election.

The Minutes of the last meeting and the Agenda for the next meeting are placed on the Parish Website.  Notice of when each meeting is due is placed on the three noticeboards in Monkton. (The Minutes and Agenda may also be obtained from the Parish Clerk.)

The usual way to contact the Parish Council is via the Parish Clerk.


Some of the duties and tasks….

1 Responds to and gives comments on planning applications for developments within Monkton and also on development in neighbouring parishes if they affect Monkton.

2 Responds to consultation documents issued by the Government, the District Council, the County Council and also other authorities and organisations.  This ensures the views  and concerns of the community are taken into account when decisions are made by the various authorities.

3 Among other things the Parish Council also:

Supports the Village Hall (may give grants)

Contributes towards the village newsletter (places parish news in newsletter also)

Maintains the play area at the Recreation Ground, the War Memorial, litter bins, and public seats.

4 The Parish Council employs a Clerk to carry out the administration of the Council such as, preparing for Parish Council Meetings (notices, agendas and minutes), attends meetings, planning issues etc, and maintaining the website.